Primary System In Florida-2018

Voter Responsibilities

     Primary System in Florida 2018

There are 3 Ballots in Florida’s Primary:  Democrat, Republican and NonPartisan.  
Florida has a closed primary system which means that only those voters enrolled in the Party can vote in the Party’s primary.  Whenever there are 2 or more candidates of the same political party vying for the same position, party members, in the Primary Election, choose the candidate to represent them in the November General Election.  The regular 2018 primary will be on August 28. 2018. 

Universal Primary: 
There is an interesting exception to the closed primary rule.  Voters amended the Florida Constitution in 1998 to allow any registered voter to vote in a primary if there will be no other challengers on the November General Election Ballot.  That is, if 3 Democrats qualify for a district seat in the Florida Legislature, and no Republican or other party candidate, including write-ins, qualifies to be on the November ballot, all registered voters may vote in that primary.  This allows all voters to choose the representative, in effect treating the Primary as a General Election.  If no one receives 50% plus one vote (a majority) the run-off will be held at the November General Election. 

School Board, Circuit Court Judges and County Court Judges are nonpartisan, and thus are elected on the Primary Ballot.  All voters may vote on those races. 

State-wide:  U. S. Senator; Governor, Attorney General, Chief Financial Officer, Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

Elected from districts in Broward: 
All U.S. Congressmen;  Florida State Senators Districts 32, and 34;  all Florida House members;  Broward County Commissioners Districts 2, 4, 6, 8;. 

On the 2018 Primary Ballot are School Board Candidates from Districts 1, 4, 6, 7, and the At-Large Seat 8;  Circuit Court Groups 8, 36, 38, 39, 42, 43, and 46; and County Court Groups 9, 10, 17, 19, and 25 .  All voters vote on these races.  

Qualifying dates for all Judicial and Federal Candidates are noon, April 30 to noon, May 4, 2018.   
Qualifying dates for Governor and Cabinet, all other State and Local races are noon, June 18 to noon June 22, 2018. 
After those dates, the names of all candidates  will be known including those running on the Primary Ballot.  Lists of Candidates will be available under the “Candidates” page after the end of qualifying. 

Becoming a candidate varies with the office sought.  In general, after qualifications for that office are met, either petitions containing a certified number of signatures of registered voters in the district, or a fee must be submitted.  (see: , then look under Elections, Candidates, Qualifying for procedures, fee amounts and number of signatures required.) 


  1. Absentee/Vote by Mail ballots may be obtained for any reason by calling the Supervisor of Elections office, 954-357-7055.  Ballots will be mailed to the address on record;  requests to mail to a different location must be made in writing. Ballots  cannot be forwarded by the Post Office. Return Postage is PrePaid. Completed ballots must be received by the SOE office by 7 pm of Election Day. VBM Ballots may be dropped off at 12 of the Early Voting Sites. 

  1. Early voting will be available at 21 different sites around the County for many days before Election Day.  Any registered voter may vote at any location by showing a photo ID with signature.  

  1. On Election Day, you must vote in your assigned precinct, based on where you currently live. Photo ID with signature is required.  If not presented, voter may vote a provisional ballot.  If you move, be sure to change your address by calling the SOE office at 954-357-7050 or on-line at  or