Political Party Sites

 Political Party Sites Web sites:
For a list of all political parties registered in Florida, go to
the Division of Elections website at election.dos.state.fl.us
and click on 'For the Voter', then 'Political Parties'.

Broward Republican Party: 

Broward Democratic Party: www.browarddemocrats.org

Florida Democratic Party


Florida Republican Party


Minor Political Parties in Florida

America's Party of Florida  (AIP)
Constitution Party of Florida  (CPF)
Ecology Party of Florida  (ECO)
Florida Socialist Workers Party  (FSW)
Green Party of Florida (GRE)
Independence Party of Florida (IDP)
Independent Party of Florida  (INT)
Justice Party of Florida  (JPF)
Libertarian Party of Florida  (LPF)
Party for Socialism and Liberation - Florida  (PSL)
Peace & Freedom Party of Florida  (PFP)
Reform Party  (REF) 
Tea Party of Florida  (TPF)


For more information, go to dos.myflorida.com