Pollworker Information
Uncle Sam

Q: What are the steps in becoming a pollworker?
A: First, you must be a registered voter in Broward County. Second, just complete the application and mail it to the address listed. Third, you will be contacted to attend an orientation session which will make you eligible to be placed as a worker for future elections.

Q: What are the different pollworker positions?
A: The Clerk is in charge of the precinct and has added responsibilities prior to election day, such as picking up the supplies the day before election day and inspecting the polling place. Other positions include Assistant Clerk, Inspectors and a Voting System Technician.

Q: Are these volunteer positions?
A: No, Pollworkers get paid for their services. In order to be paid for training, pollworkers must work on election day unless they are designated as a stand-by.

For more information, go to www.browardsoe.org and click on the icon for “Pollworker Information”