The Following Preventative Measures Will Help Minimize Your Chances of Being Victimized:
  • Be aware of your surroundings at all times.
  • Report all suspicious incidents to the appropriate authority immediately
  • Schools shall have sign in and sign out sheets
  • Schools shall provide visitor passes.
  • School district employees shall wear identification badges.
  • All vendors shall wear school district issued identification badges.
  • Always lock your doors and don't loan your keys. Keys can be duplicated.
  • Never prop open doors for someone to enter later. This leaves the area open to anyone walking by
  • Never leave valuables (i.e. purse, wallet. credit cards, jewelry, etc.) visible; secure in a locked cabinet or drawer.
  • Never carry large sums of money.
  • Be more safety conscious after hours and weekends/holidays.
  • Be familiar with your school's safety and security plan
Off Campus Safety Tips
  • Park in a well lit area at night. Check the area before leaving the car. Walk to your car with keys ready.
  • Check the back seat before entering. Someone could be hiding there.
  • While driving, keep the doors locked so no one can jump in at a red light. Keep enough gas in your tank for emergencies.
  • If you are followed by another car, drive to a police station or business with lights and people. Do not go home with someone following you.
  • If your car breaks down lift the hood, put on the flashers, wait for help with doors locked.
  • Ask people who stop to call the police or AAA. Keep an envelope with quarters and telephone numbers for emergency calls.
Bicycle Anti-Theft Tips
  • Lock your bike. The best protection for your bike is to secure it properly with a hardened steel "U" - shaped lock. These locks are only effective if the lock is hooded through the bicycle frame and secured to a fixed object, such as the designated bicycle racks on campus.
  • If you discover your bike missing, contact administration and law enforcement immediately.
  • To assist in the recovery of your bike should it be stolen, you should record the serial number off the frame and keep it in your wallet; engrave your driver's license number on the frame.