Reporting Crime: Now there is a way for staff and students to report crime.
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With summer break quickly approaching, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) wants to make you aware of a new program designed to help protect Floridaís children and families. FDLE is encouraging parents to sign up for the new Florida Offender Alert System. This system allows citizens to subscribe for e-mail alerts that notify the user each time a sexual offender or predator moves within a certain radius of the address or addresses selected. Parents can choose an unlimited number of addresses to monitor. You may consider registering your home, daycare centers, community centers, and anywhere else you or your family may frequent during the summer months, as well as all year round.

Signing up is quick and easy! Just visit today and subscribe for this free service.

Together, we can make sure Floridaís Children have a safe and enjoyable summer!.
The Department of Education is sponsering training to provide support to school staff and administrators interested in enhancing thier preparedness efforts. This site offers training through webcast. Please visit the Department of Education Emergency Management for Schools Site and get more information by clicking this link.
  Florida Student Safety & Security
Children and youth rely on and find great comfort in the adults who protect them. Teachers and staff must know how to help their students through a crisis and return them home safely. Knowing what to do when faced with a crisis can be the difference between calm and chaos, between courage and fear, between life and death. There are thousands of fires in schools every year, yet there is minimal damage to life and property because staff and students are prepared. This prepared-ness needs to be extended to all risks schools face. Schools and districts need to be ready to handle crises, large and small, to keep our children and staff out of harmís way and ready to learn and teach.

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The results of extensive interviews and a review of the crisis literature reveal that experts employ four phases of crisis management: Mitigation/Prevention, Preparedness, Recovery and Response. Crisis management is a continuous process in which all phases of the plan are being reviewed and revised. Good plans are never finished. They can always be updated based on experience, research, and changing vulnerabilities. Districts and schools may be in various stages of planning. This web site provides the resources needed to assist the planning process.