The Security Tracking and Response Project (STAR) is a joint effort between all Broward County District school sites (the District), the Special Investigative Unit (SIU), the Community Involvement Department, the Education Technology Services Department (ETS) and several vendors.

It was determined that the Broward School District  require a standard method  to document school visitors & screening.  Upon further review it was determined that this requirement should include a screening against state and national sexual offender databases for certain visitors and all volunteers.

These requirements have created a number of unique challenges and Security Identification Systems Corporation (Sisco) in conjunction with Johnson Controls have responded to the District's needs by developing some creative and practical solutions.
Utilizing the Fast Pass application as a base, Sisco developed a system that will accomplish the following:
  • Standardize manual visitor logs and provide visitor photo passes
  • Identify and monitor the ingress and egress of people from school sites and store this information in a database
  • Capture and store a digital image of the person as well as a digital image and details of the individual's ID (i.e. driver's license, passport, state id, etc.)
  • Record and store the exact date and time of a person's arrival and departure from a school site, creating a tracking mechanism of the individual's activities
  • Generate customizable reports showing daily, weekly and monthly visitor counts