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Silence Hurts The security and well being of students, staff and schools is a high priority of the Broward County School Board. Over the past few years, a number of policies and procedures have been put into place to help keep our schools as safe as possible.

The District is now unveiling its newest security feature – a 24-hour Security Hotline.
The new Hotline number is (754) 321-0911

During times of crisis, communication is vital. Being made aware of potentially dangerous situations is key in keeping students and schools safe. For the past few years, the District has been stressing to its students and staff that if they know or hear of something, they have the responsibility to alert the proper authorities. Whether they speak with a principal, a guidance counselor, the School Resource Officer or even leave an anonymous note on a teacher's desk, they must report what they know. Keeping silent doesn't help them or anyone else - in fact, it could allow a bad situation to get even worse as was seen at Santana High School in California.

This new Hotline is another way to provide information to District officials about a potentially dangerous situation. It will be manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All calls will be recorded and Caller ID will identify where the incoming call is originating from. Operators will log all the important information, then relay it to the proper authorities (the District's SIU Department and local law enforcement agencies for follow-up.)

The District takes security very seriously, and any matter officials are made aware of will be investigated. This Hotline has been established only for individuals to call and report a possible problem. For immediate emergencies, people should continue to use established emergency numbers, including 911.

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