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The Digital Doorways to Learning for Broward County Students

Doorway #1: FCAT Explorer
- Learn and practice FCAT reading and math skills with this free online resource. (more)

Doorway #2: Research and Homework Help - Utilize provided online resources, including textbooks and District-purchased databases. (more)

Doorway #3: Information Literacy Skills - Expand your knowledge of topics important to the digital world. (more)

Doorway #4: Software Tools - Get help with Atomic Learning, AppleWorks, Inspiration, Keynote, and iLife. (more)

Doorway #5: Virtual Counselor - Check out your grades, absences, test scores and other information. (more)

Doorway #6: Fun on the Net - Discover fun facts, interesting sites, and mental challenges when your homework's all done. (more)

Doorway #7: eLearning Through Podcasts - Add to your knowledge by listening to a podcast whenever you want. (more)

Doorway #8: Career Planning/ Workforce Development - Check out these great online tools for planning your future. (more)

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