Instructional Teacher

Work Experience Credit

Receiving Credit for Teaching and/or Work Experience

Work Experience CreditNew hires and rehires employed by The School Board of Broward County are eligible to receive credit on the Instructional Salary Schedule for teaching experience and/or directly-related work experience. The experience must be verified and approved prior to receiving credit. It is the responsibility of each employee to have the experience verified upon initial and subsequent employment. Review the sections below to verify acceptable experience. The employer verification form will be given to you during your processing appointment.

In order to receive credit, the appropriate verification form must be received and approved by the District no later than four (4) months from the beginning date of employment in any school year to be effective during that school year.

PDF Verification of Teaching Experience Form

PDF Verification of Non-teaching Related Work Experience Form

Teaching (Instructional) Experience Credit

Teaching Experience credit may be given if you were under contract, considered a full-time employee receiving benefits, held at least a Bachelor's degree and worked the full academic year or at least one day more than half a year. Teaching experience must have been completed at one or more of the following:

  • Public school
  • Private school that is accredited by a recognized agency
  • Pre-school
  • Teaching experience that was out of the country
  • College or university (Adjunct professor positions are not eligible.)

Your former employer(s) must complete the Employer Verification of Teaching Experience Form and submit it to: Personnel Records Department
7720 W. Oakland Park Blvd., Sunrise FL 33351

After you are hired and cleared, you will receive notification from Personnel Records when your employer has submitted the Verification of Teaching Experience form(s). If approved, your salary will be adjusted and you will receive retroactive pay and notification.

Non-Teaching Related Work Experience Credit

If you have had directly related full-time work experience, you may be eligible to receive experience credit on the salary schedule for verified experience not to exceed the maximum pay step. Your work experience must have been directly related to your teaching assignment (i.e. chemist teaching chemistry, marketing director teaching marketing, software developer teaching computers) and/or related to the instruction of children (i.e. director of a preschool, assistant principal, curriculum specialist). The experience must have been completed after graduation from college and/or specialized training as a wage earner and appropriate to the field being taught and for which certification is requested. Experience as a substitute teacher, teacher aide or assistant (support positions) will not be considered for this purpose.

Your former employer(s) must complete the Employer Verification of Non-Teaching Work Related Experience Form nd submit the original to Instructional Staffing. The form must be completed in its entirety, and must include a job description submitted by the employer and attached to the form. Incomplete forms will not be processed.

If the request for credit is for experience earned while self-employed or in a family owned business, verification must be provided from the accountant or attorney of record verifying the type of business conducted. The letter must indicate the length of time of self-employment, number of hours worked per week, and a description of the responsibilities. Verification will not be accepted from the applicant or a family member. Instructional Staffing may also request tax returns for relevant years of self-employment.

It is the responsibility of the employee to have the experience verified. After you are cleared for hire and Instructional Staffing has received the Employer Verification of Non-teaching Work Related Experience Form(s), your request will be reviewed. If approved, your salary will be adjusted and you will receive retroactive pay and notification.