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Benefits & IncentivesBenefits

As an employee of The School Board of Broward County, Florida, you are eligible to receive, in addition to your basic salary, certain benefits that have considerable monetary value and in most cases are tax-free to you as an individual. Instructional employees who have outside comparable health insurance will receive $750 if they opt out of District coverage.

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Teachers beginning in their 2nd year of employment may apply for tuition reimbursement to become certified in an approved critical shortage area. Interested teachers must complete and submit an application. Applications are sent to the schools in March.


BEEP is an electronic, single-access portal for a teacher that includes a resource bank of unit plans, lesson plans, activities and resources. The components are aligned to the Sunshine State Standards, the National Educational Technology Standards, Information Literacy Standards, and Career and Technical Education Standards. BEEP assures quality and consistency of curriculum and guarantees that teachers instruct on grade level or above. BEEP also includes networking and professional development for teachers.


Teachers can earn supplemental pay ranging from $300-$10,000 for holding an additional position, such as department chairperson, coaching, team leader, textbook coordinator, and/or club sponsor.


Full time teachers receive four (4) days of sick leave as of the first day of employment of each contract year, and earn one (1) day of sick leave for each month of employment. (Ex: Instructional employees working a 196 day calendar receive ten (10) sick days).

Full time teachers receive six (6) paid holidays: Labor Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day, New Year's Eve, Presidents' Day and Memorial Day.