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What to Do Once You've Received a Job Offer

YOU ARE HIREDYou're Offered a Job

Congratulations, you’ve received a job offer! When you accept a position at a location, you will be assigned to that location for the year. Prior to principal hiring you, he/she will conduct a phone verification with your most recent administrator.


  • Principal and you will sign a Location Assignment Preclearance Form & submit the form to Instructional Staffing
  • Instructional Staffing :
    • Verifies that you are eligible for the recommended assignment
    • Contacts you to schedule a clearance appointment
At your clearance appointment, you will:
    • Complete your employment paperwork
    • Be fingerprinted 
    • Select your health providers and physicians (medical, dental and vision — click here to review the benefits available to you) 
    • Provide your signed social security card

Copies of the social security card and social security card receipts will not be accepted and will delay processing until the actual card is presented.  Contact your nearest Social Security Administration Office for a replacement social security card as needed. 


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