Instructional Teacher

Application Procedures

Application Procedures

Broward County Public Schools has a fully integrated ON-LINE application system.  All candidates (previous and new) must complete the new online application to be considered for an instructional position. If you have previously applied you are required to reapply and resubmit (upload) all required documents.

Required Documents 


  • Transcripts conferring degree(s) earned and credits completed in order to obtain Florida certification. Your degree must be from an accredited university.
  • If you obtained your degree outside the United States, you must have your degree evaluated for United States degree equivalency by an approved foreign credential evaluation agency.   For additional information regarding foreign credential evaluation access the Florida Department of Education
  • References must be from a person who can assess your ability as an educator or attest to your work ethic or character. After your application is reviewed, additional references may be requested.  References can be completed on the Instructional Staffing Reference Form or on company letterhead. 
    • Experienced Teacher:
      Upload a reference from each of your principals for the past five (5) years. If you have not taught in the past 5 years, provide a principal reference from your last teaching assignment.

    • Upload a reference from your Cooperating/Directing Teacher a
    • Recent Education Graduate: nd your Clinical/College Supervisor. (This is required if you have never held a full-time teaching position.)

    • No Teaching Experience:
      Upload one (1) reference from current/most recent supervisor and one (1) from a character reference.


  • Teacher candidates who do not currently hold a valid Florida Educator's certificate should apply for a Florida Educator's Certificate.

  • Speech/Language Pathologists, Audiologists, School Social Workers, and Family Counselors must submit a copy of current Florida license.

Please have the following information available before you begin the on-line application:

    • Dates of college attendance and degree conferred.
    • Transcripts confirming a bachelor’s degree or higher with a graduation date.*
    • Former employers’/principals’ names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and dates of employment.
    • College supervisor and directing teacher names and phone numbers, if applicable.
    • Two (2) references*
    • Alien number, if applicable.
    • Valid state certificate, state license, passing FTCE score report and/or Florida Statement of Eligibility, if applicable.
    • Current Resume
    • DD Form 214-if claiming Veteran’s Preference*

      Applicants can upload up to a 2MB file (types: doc, txt, jpg, pdf, and other common formats – these are listed on the prompt for the supplemental materials page).  When scanning a document, we suggest you scan the file at 100 DPI in black and white – this will drastically reduce the file size.  Additionally, Microsoft Word has the ability to compress images (you will need to search how to do this, since it is specific to each version).

    *Documents that need to be uploaded in your online application.


Per Florida Statute 119.071(5), this is to notify you of the purpose for collecting and utilizing your Social Security Number. Providing your Social Security Number is a condition of employment at Broward County Public Schools. To protect your identification, Broward County Public Schools will secure your Social Security Number from unauthorized access, and strictly prohibit the release of your Social Security Number to unauthorized parties contrary to state and federal law.

Social Security numbers are collected for legitimate business purposes during the recruitment, selection and hiring process with Broward County Public Schools. Your Social Security Number will be used for completing and processing the following actions: Employment application for determining certification eligibility [1012.56 F.S.], Completion of federal I-9 form for the filing and issuance of federal employment forms [8 USC 1324a(b)], Completion of federal W-4 form for filing and issuance of federal employment forms [8 USC 1324a(b)], Florida Retirement Contribution Report [119.07(5)(a)6.b], and Conducting criminal background screening [1012.56 F.S.]. Your Social Security Number may be used as a unique numeric identification within some of our systems and may be used for search purposes.