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Teacher Transfer (BTU Contract Article 25)

TransfersAn instructional employee may submit a transfer application any time after January 1st through the last day of the regular school year for the following school year. Such applications shall remain active until the following December 31st. Any employee who has received an end of the year overall evaluation of less than satisfactory for the current and/or previous school year is not eligible for transfer. Also, any teacher who is under a Performance Development Plan is ineligible for transfer.

  • No transfer will be considered if the employee does not apply by the last day of the regular school year with the exception of a hardship transfer.

PDF  Complete the Instructional Transfer Request Form

There are Three Types of Transfers

The hiring principal must consider the transfer, but it is at the principal’s discretion whether or not to interview the candidate. The employee may select up to 10 locations.

The employee travels 20 miles or more one way to their work location or has a serious medical and/or personal problem which can be substantiated by a Board selected physician or acceptable written explanations as determined by the Superintendent. Employees meeting the criterion may apply for a medical/personal problem transfer at any time and may be transferred after the start of the school year for students.

  • An employee who meets the “hardship” definition will be guaranteed an interview at one of his/her choices where a vacancy exists.

The employee must have completed at least fifteen (15) consecutive years at his/her current location. The employee may select up to 10 locations.

  • If a school has a vacancy in the employee’s desired subject area and the teacher is certified and qualified, the employee is guaranteed the position.
  • If the guaranteed transfer declines a job offer, he will no longer be eligible for a guaranteed transfer that school year.
  • No school in the District shall be required to accept more than the following number of guaranteed transfers:

    • Elementary School and ESE Center = 1 guaranteed transfer

    • Middle School = 2 guaranteed transfers

    • High School and Vocational Center = 3 guaranteed transfers