Title I Plan

School Name

Endeavour Primary (3301)

School Year

2018 - 2019

Title I Requirements

COMPREHENSIVE NEEDS ASSESSMENT of the entire school (including the needs of migrant children) with information about the academic achievement of children in relation to the state academic content standards.
Describe the process utilized to conduct the comprehensive needs assessment for this school.

Third Grade students demonstrated a 39% proficiency  in ELA and 46% proficiency in mathematics on the 2018 FSA. The school maintained it's letter grade of a "C".

Administration provided a powerpoint presentation that captured 2017-18 academic data and conducted a faculty meeting to share the results.  Information was shared with the staff in regards to interventions an programs that would be implemented with fidelity with on-going professional development.  Teachers were invited to create grade level curriculum plans prior to the opening of the 2017-18 school year.  Title One parent surveys are distributed to papers and made available via the school's website.  In addition, Administration seeks feedback from all faculty and staff during the last quarter of the school year in regards to their areas of strength and suggestions for improvement as an Instructional Leader.

Instruction by HIGHLY QUALIFIED TEACHERS in all core content area classes
List instructional staff and paraprofessionals that are NOT highly qualified (instructional staff only).

Meliss Tranquille - Interim Substitute (Specailized PreK ESE)
Harlene Lalor - Kindergarten Teacher (certification being obtianed)
Talonda Ingram - 1st Grade Teacher (ceritifation being obtained)

Describe strategies that will be used to attract high-quality, highly qualified teachers.

Through the use of the district's website, applictrack,  teacher-teachers, by personal recommendation, interview and references highly qualified teachers will be recruited to our school. When teachers are interviewed, they are asked to write to describe ways that they exceed expectations in education as well as provide demonstrations of lessons that exceed expectations in terms of meeting the standards.

All new teachers complete the District’s induction program, New Educator Support System (NESS). The NESS Program takes one year to complete and is a school-site program. Each new teacher is provided a support team consisting of the NESS Liaison school contact, a qualified mentor and an Administrator. Ideally, the mentor teaches the same grade or subject as the new teacher. School based NESS Liaison will coordinate Professional Learning Communities to enhance and support the new teacher's learning.


ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS - Coordination and Integration

Title I, Part A
Title I funds provide additional teachers to assist students, particularly low performing students.

Title I is a federally funded program for economically disadvantaged children who reside in school attendance areas with a high concentration of children from low income families. There will be training for all teachers and administration to address academic achievement problems and concerns. Funds from Title I professional development will be allocated for these activities.
The Reading and Mathematics Coach will be utilized to provide professional development to teachers. Professional development will include Lesson Study, PLCs, curriculum planning and RTI. Funds from Title I professional development will be allocated for these activities. Parent activities, workshops, and seminars will be planned to assist parents in helping their child improve his/her academic and social performance. Title I parent involvement funds will be allocated for these activities. Parents are invited to the annual Title I meeting by flyers that are sent home, telephone parent link announcement, postings on the school marquee, and on the school website. The Title I annual meeting date and time is communicated to the community during the Open House. Flyers are sent home and a parent phone link is set before the meeting.

Title I, Part C- Migrant
(Migrant-Title I schools have been advised if Migrant students attend their school)


Title I, Part D
Neglected and Delinquent


Title II
(District professional development)

Endeavour staff members attend District Professional Development training funded through Title II. Funding provides substitute teachers for classroom coverages. In addition, staff members participate in various PD in alignment with School Improvement Plan and  State Standards.

Title III

Endeavour receives support, services, and materials funded through Title III from our Multicultural Department for ELL students. We have a full-time Bilingual Teaher Assistant on staff who provides support services to students who first language is Creole.

Title X- Homeless
(Homeless- All Title I schools may complete with this statement)

Endeavour teachers and staff members are responsible for identifying homeless students and referring them to the Homeless Education Program offered by the district. The purpose of the Homeless Education Program is to identify homeless students, remove barriers to their education, including school enrollment, provide them with supplemental academic and counseling case management services as well as linkages to their school social worker while maintaining school as the students stable environment.

Supplemental Academic Instruction (SAI)

Supplemental Academic Instruction (SAI) funds will be used to provide additional academic support to students.

Violence Prevention Programs

Endeavour builds a violence prevention culture through classroom instruction in anger management, conflict resolution, bullying prevention, and the Broward County adopted character traits. In addition to the classroom instruction, all teachers and staff members received training on the Anti-Bully policy and students receive guidance lessons (A curriculum that provides social, emotional self-regulatory strategies and skills for decision making, focusing, and optimism.)   In addition, school-wide assemblies are conducted throughout the year. 

Nutrition Programs

The USDA federal program includes the free and reduced priced meal for qualifying students who attend Endeavour Primary Learning Center. Endeavour is also able to provide free breakfast to all students under the district's Universal Free Breakfast Plan. 

We have implemented the "Garden Delights Program" thorough a grant provided by the Broward Education Foundation.  The goal of the program is to improve nutrition attitudes of students, influence their eating choices to include more fresh vegetables, fruits, and herbs, and engage parents to improve their food choices at home.  A class is selected at each grade level from Kindergarten-3rd grade to become active participants. 

Housing Programs

Students whose families are identified as in a transition period without permanant housing are referred the Guidance Counselor and School Social Worker for assistance.

Head Start

Head Start teachers will conduct at least two home-­ visits. Parent meetings will be held to discuss specific learning needs of students and their academic progress.

Head Start is a national, federally funded program, providing comprehensive services to preschool children and their families. These services include educational, social, medical, vision, dental, nutritional, and mental health services. To ensure school readiness, the Head Start (HS) Program has implemented a new literacy, math, and science curricula in all classrooms. The program has aligned the Common Core State Standards in literacy and mathematics. This transparent
connection between curricula and child expectations will contribute to better prepare students to be Career and College Ready.

Adult Education

Adults inquiring on adult education are referred to district departments.

Career and Technical Education

The school will implement community vendor showcases at school-related events.  The Community Liaison will also provide resources to parents in need of assistance in obtaining information on post-secondary options and career job centers.  An annual Career Day is conducted in the spring to highlight various jobs and career opportunities to our students to begin to prepare them to become college or career ready.

Job Training





Pre-School Transition

Pre-School Transition

Endeavour Primary Learning Center offers three Specialized Pre-Kindergarten classes and one Head Start class. The teachers conduct vertical articulation meetings during the school year to ensure that the transition from the early childhood programs to kindergarten program is smooth. A Kindergarten Orientation is also held prior to the beginning of the school year. This gives the incoming Kindergarten students an opportunity to meet their new teacher and get acclimated to their classroom. Additionally, parents are given an overview of the kindergarten curriculum and expectations.



Parent Involvement Goal:
Based on the analysis of the parent involvement data, identify and define an area in need of improvement.

The Parent Involvement Goal is to increase parental involvement by 30%. We will conduct a recruitment at the annual public meeting whereby parents will be invited and encouraged to become active members of the School Advisory Council (SAC), School Advisory Forum (SAF), and Parent Teacher Association (PTA). Parents will be allowed to provide input in the development and decision-­ making process of all Title I activities related to the school. An annual evaluation will be conducted using surveys completed by parents, staff, and students. Results will be analyzed to evaluate the effectiveness of the school's parent involvement program. Parents will be involved in the reviewing, developing, and revising Endeavour's Parent Involvement Program. 
Parents receiving flyers and parentlinks about school related events and activities. Various communication tools are utilized including: multiple flyers, marquee, parentlink with telephone and text messages, student agenda calendars, and school's webiste.


2017 - 2018 Level of Parent Involvement:

Indicate the number of Parents and/or Guardians who participated in parent involvement activities. [i.e., Use documentation from sign in sheets]

Total Number of Parents and/or Guardians


2018 - 2019 Expected Level of Parent Involvement:

Indicate the number of Parents and/or Guardians who are expected to participate in parent involvement activities for this year.

Total Number of Parents and/or Guardians


PARENT INVOLVEMENT ACTION PLAN ACTIVITIES (Aligned to School-Level Parent Involvement Plan)


Strategies & Activities to Increase Student Achievement

Start/End Date

Evaluation Tool

Person or Position Responsible for Coordinating/Monitoring

Amount/Funding Source

Reading Night

Parents are provided strategies and tips and fun-home activities that assist students with increasing thier literacy skills.

9/6/2018 - 9/6/2018

Parent sign-in

Administration/Literacy Coach

100/Title One Funding

Harvest Festival

Increase student and parental engagment through evening school event consisting of game night, arts and crafts, and literacy. 
Parents and students will participate in mini-centers such as: Read Alouds, Make and Take, Facepainting, and Literacy and Math related activities.  All curriculum activities provide tips that parents can utilize at home. All activities will be Fall/Harvest based themes.

10/23/2018 - 10/23/2018

Parent sign-in


80/General Budget

Titile One Seminar

Parents participate in a full day of training with educators.  Information is provided to parents on how to ensure their child will have a successful school year.  Literacy and Math tips are provided as well other various curriculum products and resources for parents. 

1/12/2019 - 1/12/2019

Parent sign-in/Parent verbal feedback

Title One Liaison

160/Title One Funds

SPARKS Family Night

Increase the parental involvement of stakeholders.  Workshop session will feature Positive School Behaviors, Parent/TeacherConferences, and Math/Reading Tips.

1/17/2019 - 1/17/2019

Parent sign-in

Administration/Title One Community Liaison/Title One Social Worker

80/Title One funds

Math Night

Parents are provided strategies and tips and fun-home activities that assist students with increasing thier math skills.

2/20/2019 - 2/20/2019

Parent sign-in

Administration/Math Coach

100/Title One Funding

ESOL Parent Game Night

ESOL Parents are provided strategies and tips and fun-home activities that assist students with increasing thier math skills.

12/4/2018 - 12/4/2018

Parent sign-in


Title One/$60.00


Professional Development/ELO Activities

Provide detailed information to support activities such as teacher salaries, stipends, materials and supplies

Funding Source

*Entire Title I Professional Development allocation must be reflected here

Curriculum Planning Sessions

Teachers work collaboratively to plan quarterly curriulum lesson plans aligned to state standards. 

Title One


Curriculum Review of Instructional Focus Calendars

Teachers meet with Curriculum Coaches and Administration for an overview on the timeline for instructional delivery of standards, available resources, remdiation and enrichment resources, ans assessment dates.

Title One


Guided Small Group Reading

Teachers will receive professional development on implementing effective small reading groups that focus on student needs as it relates to BAS data and teacher observation.

Title One


Ireadt Refresh

Teachers in 2nd- 3rd grade participate in on-going PD's to implement digital and curriculum resources align to the state standards.  Teachers will be able to create prescrptive activities to address student deficiencies and strengths. 
Teachers will also learn to review their students data and make adjustments to add additional assignments that are needed.   

General Budget



Teachers in Kindergarten-3rd Grade will participate in multiple Science PD to gain an understanding of the new science curriculum and the supplemental resources. 

Title One