Title I Plan

School Name

Young, Walter C. MS (3001)

School Year

2018 - 2019

Title I Requirements

COMPREHENSIVE NEEDS ASSESSMENT of the entire school (including the needs of migrant children) with information about the academic achievement of children in relation to the state academic content standards.
Describe the process utilized to conduct the comprehensive needs assessment for this school.

Walter C. Young looks at our FSA data, demographics, and lowest 25% students and creates a plan to target those students. In addition, we ability group our courses so that level students are grouped together and TIER 2 academic interventions are put into place, inevitably to obtain learning gains as well as to increase their individual scale score, which idealy will move them up a level.  

Next, after reviewing the data from the 2017-2018  school year Walter C. Young foresees the following instructional implications: 
Specific activities that provide academic improvements will re-align PLCs to include common formative assessments that are aligned to the ELA Florida Standards to better monitor student progress in order to be able to remediate and enrich students. In addition, teachers will review and analyze student data to determine whether classroom instruction is effective as well as utilize common formative assessments to make adjustments as needed to maximize student achievement. Lastly, through the implementation of additional technology resources and support teachers we are scaling up BEST practices. The FSA results clearly depicted we needed to improve instructional practices in our ELA as will as our Math Department. Moreover, the leadership and administrative teams discussed with the department specific barriers of success. Within the data discussions it was determined that we needed to improve certain subgroups and continue to support reading through the content area. 

Instruction by HIGHLY QUALIFIED TEACHERS in all core content area classes
List instructional staff and paraprofessionals that are NOT highly qualified (instructional staff only).

All of our paraprofessionals and instructional staff are highly qualified as well as have advanced degrees. 

Describe strategies that will be used to attract high-quality, highly qualified teachers.

Walter C. Young Middle school has attracted great teachers as well as have advanced degrees. We advertise through our Districts Applitrack system as well as our District's hiring fair. We promote technology, professional development to support teachers and use common planning and department chairs to assist new hires. Lastly, we have TIER program geared towards new teachers to make them feel supported and welcomed.  


ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS - Coordination and Integration

Title I, Part A
Title I funds provide additional teachers to assist students, particularly low performing students.

Instructional staff (teachers) members have been hired to assist the lowest 25% students.   

Title I, Part C- Migrant
(Migrant-Title I schools have been advised if Migrant students attend their school)

If our school would need to provide services to meet the needs of these migrant students we would. 

Title I, Part D
Neglected and Delinquent

Our school has a family counselor (Ms. Fitz-Henley) who provides daily mentoring and counseling. In addition, we have a behavior tech who works with student on a daily basis to assist them with inappropriate behavior and daily challenges that specific students have. 

Title II
(District professional development)

Walter C. Young Middle school is an ambassador school for Social Emotional Learning and Project/ problem based learning.

Title III

Currently, we have a DLA (Developmental Language) program, which is run by Mrs. Andriella.   

Title X- Homeless
(Homeless- All Title I schools may complete with this statement)

Currently, a homeless program is not applicable at Walter C. Young Middle. 

Supplemental Academic Instruction (SAI)

Walter C. Young Middle School has Math Title I Camps, Civics Title I Camp, and English Language Arts Camp. In addition, to tutoring and assist students in areas of need. 

Violence Prevention Programs

Currently, violence prevention program is not applicable at Walter C. Young Middle. 

Nutrition Programs

Currently, nutrition program is not applicable at Walter C. Young Middle. 

Housing Programs

Currently, housing  program is not applicable at Walter C. Young Middle. 

Head Start

Currently, Head Start program is not applicable at Walter C. Young Middle. 

Adult Education

Walter C. Young has a community school that consists of GED classes and English classes for adults learning English as a second language.

Career and Technical Education

Currently, Career and technical program is not applicable at Walter C. Young Middle. 

Job Training

Currently, Job Training program is not applicable at Walter C. Young Middle. 



Pre-School Transition

Pre-School Transition

Walter C. Young Middles does not currently have a pre-school transition. 



Parent Involvement Goal:
Based on the analysis of the parent involvement data, identify and define an area in need of improvement.

Walter C. Young middle school will hold ongoing parent meeting such as School Advisory Forum (SAF) and PTSA to inform our stakeholders on District Policies, Federal requirements, and school initiatives. We will look at sign-in sheets to get counts on parent attendance and use two-communication through flyers, our school website, our marquee, announcements, and by word of mouth to get parents to come out to the school to partake in events.   

Walter C. Young Middle School goal is to increase parental involvement in school events to at least 60% for the 2018-2019 school year.  All parent involvement activities will include engaging activities that offer opportunities to learn about student achievement and available resources. Currently, we are averaging 50 to 85 parents per parent family engagement event. Our goal is to increase this number to 100 parents per family event.


2017 - 2018 Level of Parent Involvement:

Indicate the number of Parents and/or Guardians who participated in parent involvement activities. [i.e., Use documentation from sign in sheets]

Total Number of Parents and/or Guardians


2018 - 2019 Expected Level of Parent Involvement:

Indicate the number of Parents and/or Guardians who are expected to participate in parent involvement activities for this year.

Total Number of Parents and/or Guardians


PARENT INVOLVEMENT ACTION PLAN ACTIVITIES (Aligned to School-Level Parent Involvement Plan)


Strategies & Activities to Increase Student Achievement

Start/End Date

Evaluation Tool

Person or Position Responsible for Coordinating/Monitoring

Amount/Funding Source

Walter C. Young Middle School Title I Parent Nights for the following:

  • Math
  • ELA
  • Science 
  • Civics 

We offered parent training at our ELA Night on December 5th, to empower parents in assisting their child with ELA strategies at home. Sessions included:

  • ​Canvas
  • Academic games
  • Multicultural
  • FSA information
  • Title I information
  •  Developmental Language information

We offered parent training at our Math Night on October 24th, to empower parents in assisting their child with math strategies at home. Sessions included:
  • Imagine Math
  • Canvas
  • Go Math (including acquiring resources Go Math )
  • Title I information
  •  FSA Information

5/30/2019 - 5/30/2019

Forms

Administration, Guidance, Department Chairs, Title I Liason, and School Advisory Council Chair.

Parent Involvement Funds = $2,927


Professional Development/ELO Activities

Provide detailed information to support activities such as teacher salaries, stipends, materials and supplies

Funding Source

*Entire Title I Professional Development allocation must be reflected here

Walter C. Young Middle School has ELO (Extended Learning Opportunities) for the following:

  • Mathematics -  October 2018 through April 2019.
  • Civics -  January 2019  through April 2019.
  •  Social Emotional Learning Opportunities - Saturday Sessions (2018-2019)  

Walter C. Young Middle School has Professional Development for the following:

Imagine Math Training (Site Licenses which includes professional development $8000) 
  •  August 14th, 2018
  •  November 15th, 2018
  • November 26th, 2018
LGBTQ Training, SEL, PBL, Canvas were additional PDs not funded through Title I funds. 

Our Math ELO is held on Mondays and Wednesdays afterschool for one hour. Our Civics will be held in January on Tuesdays and Thursdays. In addition, we have Saturday school, which is 15 academic learning behavior sessions held for two hours. 

Our Professional Development goals are to enhance our teachers in gender sensitivity, in social emotional student well being, educate us on cultural biasness, train educators to expose students to real life applications and critical thinking skills.  Lastly, Canvas trains educators to use this educational platform to prepare students for college and career ready jobs.  

Supplemental Activities