Title I Plan

School Name

Fairway ES (1641)

School Year

2018 - 2019

Title I Requirements

COMPREHENSIVE NEEDS ASSESSMENT of the entire school (including the needs of migrant children) with information about the academic achievement of children in relation to the state academic content standards.
Describe the process utilized to conduct the comprehensive needs assessment for this school.

Prior year assessment data from the FSA sores, BAS scores, BSA scores reading scores, internal assessments and diagnostics test were organized with graphs, tables, and charts. Information was organized to show individual teacher, grade level, and school-wide results. Individual student results were given to classroom teachers for their review.

Parents are also a vital part of the process. A parent survey is sent home each spring to gather input concerning curriculum, environment, and communication. Results from this survey are used to help write goals and objectives for the school.

Parents are invited to meet with administration to discuss student achievement results and strategies for improving scores. Suggestions are discussed with staff and considered for inclusion in school-wide plans.

Instruction by HIGHLY QUALIFIED TEACHERS in all core content area classes
List instructional staff and paraprofessionals that are NOT highly qualified (instructional staff only).

All instructional staff at Fairway Elementary are highly qualified in all core content area classes.

Describe strategies that will be used to attract high-quality, highly qualified teachers.

The district's Talent Acquisition & Operations department, as well as a district level Teacher Recruitment Committee work collaboratively to retain and recruit highly qualified, certified-in-field, educators. Fairway Elementary School’s collaboration with the district is evidenced by participation in ‘Experience Broward’ Teacher Recruitment Fairs. Vacancies are filled with candidates interviewed at the recruitment fair and referred by the district's instructional staffing department. Retention of teachers is a top priority of our school. Teachers are cultivated and nurtured at Fairway Elementary School to grow professionally. We retain highly qualified, certified-in-field, effective teachers in our school by utilizing the Teacher Induction for Effectiveness and Retention (T.I.E.R. Liaison), Professional Learning Communities (Grade Level Teams, Media Specialist, Literacy and Math Coaches), District Trainings (District Personnel), School-Based Professional Development (Leadership Team / Team Leaders), Teacher Recognition and Incentives (Administration).


ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS - Coordination and Integration

Title I, Part A
Title I funds provide additional teachers to assist students, particularly low performing students.

Staff Development funds are used to develop a comprehensive professional training program to improve delivery of instruction through a variety of workshops designed to move teachers to mastery and improve student achievement.

Parental Involvement funds are utilized to fund academic parent nights that provide parents with new skills to support student learning at home. Improving the frequency and quality of family participation and increasing family literacy are also goals of our parental involvement component. Monies are used to purchase food, supplies/materials.

Title I, Part C- Migrant
(Migrant-Title I schools have been advised if Migrant students attend their school)

Migrant students have been identified. Collaboration with community agencies will take place to ensure that needed services such as health and nutrition are provided. Remediation and tutoring services will be provided as needed.

Title I, Part D
Neglected and Delinquent

Students identified as neglected and/or delinquent will be connected to a school social worker through the Student Services Department who will provide support and community resources.

Title II
(District professional development)

Teachers participate in professional development linked to improved student achievement in the Florida State Standards.

Title III

All students are being instructed by certified, ESOL endorsed teachers.  Fairway Elementary School employs two Education Support Professionals (ESP's) who work closely with our ELL population.  These staff members impact 45 ELL students per day delivering support.  These staff members serve as liaisons between the school and ELL community.

Title X- Homeless
(Homeless- All Title I schools may complete with this statement)

Teachers and staff members are responsible for helping to identify homeless students and referring them to the Guidance Counselor for the Homeless Education program offered by the district. The purpose of the Homeless Education Program is to identify homeless students, remove barriers to their education, including school enrollment, provide them with supplemental academic and counseling case management services as well as linkages to their school social worker while maintaining school as the students stable environment.

Supplemental Academic Instruction (SAI)

SAI funds will also be used to provide additional after school tutoring for targeted students.

Violence Prevention Programs

Fairway Elementary school implements the County Student Code of Conduct and follows the District Discipline Matrix. Our school enforces the District’s Anti-Bullying Policy and has a zero tolerance for bullying and violence. Bullying prevention programs are supported through Conflict Mediation programs and student assemblies.

Nutrition Programs

Nutritional programs and health education are an integral part of our school, specifically through the Physical Educational curriculum and federal initiatives of the Broward County Public Schools Food & Nutrition Department.

Housing Programs

Referrals are made to the school social worker, when parents are in need of housing or food.  Additionally, the front office staff takes note of families expressing a need and passes this information on to administration and/or the guidance counselor.

Head Start

To ensure school readiness, the Head Start Program provides literacy, math, and science curricula that align with the K-3 national standards to improve educational outcomes. This connection between curricula and child expectations has contributed to better prepare students to succeed in Kindergarten. An end-of-the year Creative Curriculum Continuum report, detailing students’ ongoing assessment, is placed in the students’ cumulative folder to familiarize kindergarten teachers with the Head Start students’ progress in the program.

Adult Education

Parents and other adults of the community requesting ESOL, GED, or other continuing education programs are referred to the district's community school for services through our school social worker.

Career and Technical Education

Technical education is embedded throughout the curriculum across content areas at Fairway Elementary. Careers in science, technology, and math are incorporated into daily instruction via lessons, hands on activities, and research on the internet.

Job Training

Students participate in Career Day.  Fifth grade students participate in an annual trip to (JA BizTown) Junior Achievemen of South Florida.


Peer Pals- Selected students participate in a buddy program as suggested in our SEL Action Plan.  The students work with Mrs. Mobley, the Guidance Counselor and Ms. Canion, the ESE Specialist to learn strategies and social skills for interacting with special education students.  The general eduacation students read with the students, as well as, incorporate fun academic games into their peer interactions with the special education students.


Pre-School Transition

Pre-School Transition

Fairway Elementary School services two classes of Specialized Pre-K ESE and two classes of Intensive Pre-K ESE (formerly Preschool Learning Activities Classroom Experience-PLACE), three Head Start classes, and one VPK. The teachers conduct vertical articulation meetings during the school year to ensure that the transition from the early childhood programs to kindergarten program is smooth. A Kindergarten
Orientation (Kindergarten Round-up) is also held in May, prior to the beginning of the following fiscal school year. Additionally, parents are given an overview of the kindergarten curriculum and expectations.



Parent Involvement Goal:
Based on the analysis of the parent involvement data, identify and define an area in need of improvement.

The goal of Fairway Elementary is to increase parental involvement in school events to at least 50% for the 2018-2019 school year.  All parent involvement activities will include engaging activities that offer opportunities to learn about student achievement and available resources.


2017 - 2018 Level of Parent Involvement:

Indicate the number of Parents and/or Guardians who participated in parent involvement activities. [i.e., Use documentation from sign in sheets]

Total Number of Parents and/or Guardians


2018 - 2019 Expected Level of Parent Involvement:

Indicate the number of Parents and/or Guardians who are expected to participate in parent involvement activities for this year.

Total Number of Parents and/or Guardians


PARENT INVOLVEMENT ACTION PLAN ACTIVITIES (Aligned to School-Level Parent Involvement Plan)


Strategies & Activities to Increase Student Achievement

Start/End Date

Evaluation Tool

Person or Position Responsible for Coordinating/Monitoring

Amount/Funding Source

Open House

To familiarize parents or guardians of the academic and social expectations to acheive success in Reading, Math, and Sicence on the Spring 2019 FSA. 

9/12/2018 - 9/12/2018

Parent Survey

Literacy Coach, Math Coach, S.A.C. Chair, & Assistant Principal

$930.00/Title I


Professional Development/ELO Activities

Provide detailed information to support activities such as teacher salaries, stipends, materials and supplies

Funding Source

*Entire Title I Professional Development allocation must be reflected here

Extended Learning Opportunity (ELO) Camp

Student after school tutorial/ Exxtended Learning Opportunity (ELO) camps for Reading and Math will be utilized using Title I funding.
Funds will be uesed for teacher stipends, materials, and refreshments will also be provided for participants, as well.

Title I