Coordinated Services: OSPA, OTD, Academics


The Office of School Performance & Accountability (OSPA), the Office of Academics (Academics), and the Office of Talent Development (OTD), work collaboratively to ensure the effective implementation of the Best Blueprint.











Office of School Performance & Accountability (OSPA)

Dr. Valerie Wanza, Chief School Performance & Accountability Officer


Supervision and support of BEST implementation

The Office of School Performance & Accountability is devoted to improving student achievement following the three goals of our district’s Strategic Plan: High Quality Instruction, Continuous Improvement, and Effective Communication.  With an intensive focus on teaching and learning, OSPA collaborates with the Office of Talent Development and the Office of Academics to provide administrative support to teachers in schools as well as the coaching of school-based administrators in Instructional Cadres. An Instructional Cadre is a group of schools organized into professional learning communities to facilitate school improvement and curricular innovation.  Each cadre is composed of level-specific Elementary, Middle, High, or Center Schools that represent the diversity found around Broward County.  This diversity is leveraged to strengthen the learning for all educators to share best practices and enhance adult and student learning.


Office of Talent Development (OTD)


TBA, Chief Talent Development Officer


Academic support (CARE for Student Learning)

The Office of Talent Development supports the goals of Broward County Public Schools' Strategic Plan by developing employees to improve performance. Professional learning structures that develop workforce effectiveness are provided through four departments: Leadership Development, Teacher Development, Professional Development Support, and Employee Evaluations. These departments work in collaboration with the Office of Academics and the Office of School Performance & Accountability to assess adult learning needs, design high-quality professional learning, and evaluate the implementation and impact of professional learning. The Office of Talent Development ensures that all state requirements for professional development are followed and that adult learning theories are used in the development of all adult learning activities.


Office of Academics (Academics)

Dr. Daniel Gohl, Chief Academic Officer


The Office of Academics is committed to educating all students and staff to reach their highest academic and developmental potential by actively engaging and supporting the three goals of the District's Strategic Plan. To ensure optimal student and staff performance, the Office of Academics works collaboratively with the Offices of Talent Development and School Performance & Accountability to serve as catalysts for student's excelling beyond expectations.  A deliberate focus exists on creating and supporting the following for all schools:




A Focused & Authentic Professional Learning Communities (PLC) Process

An Embedded High Quality Response to Interventions (RtI) Process

Optimal Internal and External Relationships with all Stakeholders

BEST Practices Scaled Up

Pathways to Personalized Learning, Algebra Success, and Hands-on Science

Effectively Understanding Gifted Student’s Characteristics and Meeting Their Needs

Systematic and Integrated Family Engagement

Addressing social, emotional, health, and behavioral needs through prevention, intervention and intensive support services


The Office of Academics is comprised of four divisions: Instruction and Interventions, Student Support Initiatives, Exceptional Student Education & Support Services, and Early Childhood Education.  Robust, high standards and expectations have been established and are incorporated into all Office initiatives with an intentional focus on Exceptional Student Education (ESE), English LanguageLearners (ELL), Gifted & Talented, Minority Males, and Early Childhood Education. The Office of Academics facilitates and models a unified mission where all departments and divisions work collaboratively to ensure student success.