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Frequently Asked Questions


DATE CHANGES: The deadline for submission has been changed to May 1, 2008
The VTRP Ceremony has been changed to October, 2008

What is the Virtual Technology Recognition Project?

  • The Virtual Technology Recognition Project is designed to provide an opportunity for classroom teachers to share best practices and receive recognition for their achievements in the area of integrating technology into the curriculum.
  • Teachers are asked to submit lessons that demonstrate how technology is being used to support and enrich curriculum objectives.
  • Teachers whose projects have earned exemplary status have the option of submitting student project entries (maximum of three).
  • Award winning lessons/projects will be showcased at a District-wide Recognition and Award Ceremony (October 2008) and will become part of the Broward Enterprise Education Portal.
  • Honorable mention nominations will also be recognized during the Recognition
    and Award Ceremony.
  • All winners and honorable mentions will be awarded instructional technology-based prizes.
  • Certificates for participation will be issued to all teachers whose plans meet criteria as a shared best practice in BEEP.
  • Award winning and honorable mention student projects will also be and showcased during the VTRP celebration.

When does the Project begin and end?

  • Project begins NOW! Submission deadline is May 1, 2008. (New Date!)

Who can participate?

  • Any SBBC teacher may submit technology-rich lessons, projects, or WebQuests through BEEP to qualify for participation in the Virtual Technology Recognition Project.

How do I apply?

  • Lesson/Project/WebQuest plans must be created through BEEP and sent to the VTRP jury
  • Be certain to download and review the corresponding scoring rubrics. An evaluation committee will review submitted entries and publish them as a Shared Best Practice if they meet established criteria.            Download Lesson Plan Rubric             Download Project-based Rubric

What are the guidelines for submitting lesson plans?

  • Lesson plans, project based learning plans, and/or WebQuests that integrate technology into the curriculum must be aligned to both the Sunshine State Standards and the National Technology Standards for Students (NETS-S) @ http://cnets.iste.org/students/
  • Participants or teams must utilize the lesson plan, project-based learning plan, or WebQuest activity template found within BEEP.
  • If a project is being submitted in collaboration with a teacher or team of teachers, names of each of the members of the development team should be noted in the description of the project plan (i.e. This project was developed in collaboration with Mary Smith, ABC Elementary and Nancy Jones, XWZ Elementary).
  • Project-based plans may be in a WebQuest format. Participants will use the activity template as a ‘teacher page’ providing users with Description of WebQuest, targeted Standards, how the WebQuest can be used, and the URL of the WebQuest.
  • Technology integration is NOT limited to computers and may include calculators, television, videoconferencing, digital cameras, video recorders, camcorders, scanners, smartboard, handhelds (i.e. Palm or iPAQ), iPods, etc.
  • Selected participants must be willing to have a portion of their lesson or Project Based Learning Plan(s) videotaped and televised (web or TV).

What will be considered exemplary?

The most exemplary lessons will be chosen by a selection committee that reflect:

  • Creative or innovative integration of technology into the curriculum.
  • Clearly written lesson and/or project-based plan that proceeds through a
    logical sequence of activities.
  • Curriculum/Technology objective(s) that support Sunshine State and
    National Educational Technology Standards.
  • Evidence that activities fulfill the curriculum and technology objectives.
  • Ability to measure its impact on student achievement.
  • Ease of replication in other classrooms of similar type and level.
  • Plan includes extensions that challenge students to further investigate and/or apply selected standards in new and different ways.
  • Addresses accommodations or modifications for special needs students (if applicable).

How many plans can be submitted and considered for VTRP?

Teachers may submit as many lessons/projects as desired in any of the following categories:

  • Career and Technical (Vocational) Education
  • Fine and Performing Arts
  • Foreign Language
  • Health and Physical Education
  • Interdisciplinary
  • Language Arts
  • Math
  • Media/Information Literacy
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Other (please specify) ______________________

In what format do attachments need to be?

  • Supporting documents may be worksheets, rubrics, sample tests, and assessments.
  • Documents may be submitted in any of the following formats: Adobe Acrobat Reader (.pdf), HTML Pages (.htm, .html), Inspiration (.isf), Kidspiration (.kid), Microsoft Office - Excel, PowerPoint, Word (.xls, .ppt, .doc), or Text File (.txt).
    Note: Keynote Presentations must be saved either as a PDF, Flash, QT movie.)
  • Title of the lesson must appear on all supporting documents.
    Note: the file size per supporting attachment should not exceed 9.5 mb

What is required on my computer in order to be able to submit a lesson or project plan?

  • The recommended browsers are Netscape Navigator 7.0, Firefox, or Safari on the MacIntosh, Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher on the PC.

What plug-ins are recommended for optimal use of this site?

Can I use material from a copyrighted source?

  • Copyrighted material can be used AFTER first obtaining permission from the publisher or owner of the resource(s).
  • You must also include a description of the resource so that teachers who don't have that resource available in the school can choose a substitute.
  • It is fine to use commercially available material as a springboard for your own material, but the content and ideas should differ significantly from the original. Author must reference the source of his/her idea.
  • Review the attached the Copyright Guidelines for Multimedia document to insure that both you and your students fulfill the requirements and guidelines. What should I do to prepare to submit my lesson or project plan online?
  • Choose your best classroom-tested lessons that infuse technology throughout your plan or project.
  • Gather all the resources you need to build it.
  • Design, develop, and refine your project ideas using the most appropriate template or *instance within BEEP. (Instances include: Unit Plan (tab), Supplementary Content VTRP Project Based Learning Plans, Lesson Plan (tab): Supplementary Content VTRP lesson plan, Activity (tab): Supplementary Content VTRP lesson activity
  • Plan, develop, record, and refine your ideas using this format.
  • Reference the rubrics provided to self-assess the plan throughout the development process.
  • Include all attachments needed for the lesson/project plan in an electronic format.
    NOTE: In the event that your project is selected as a winner or receives honorary status, it is highly recommended that you capture the process as the plan is being implemented, using a digital still and/or video camera!

What is the process after my lesson plan has been submitted?

  1. Once your lesson, project plan and/or WebQuest has been submitted, you will receive notification that it has been received.
  2. Members of our evaluation team will review the plan. If your plan meets established criteria, it will be published as a SHARED BEST PRACTICE within BEEP.
  3. If there are recommendations or revisions that need to be made, your plan will be returned. You may resubmit your plan once revisions have been made PRIOR to the March 1st deadline.
  4. VTRP winners and honorable mentions will be notified by March 30, 2007.
  5. Publishers of the winning/honorable mention exemplary lessons/projects during the (2006-2007) school year will receive technology-based awards at a Districtwide Recognition Celebration in the Spring of 2007 (date TBA).
  6. If your project is selected as a top winner or honorable mention, you will have the opportunity to submit your students’ work for publication in the BEEP student portal. Guidelines are as follows:
    • Student entries must be tied to selected (exemplary) best practices.
    • Project entries must be student written and student–produced
    • Maximum of 3 entries (per teacher submission) may be produced
    • Entries can be submitted by an individual, group, or class
    • Project must fulfill copyright guidelines
    • Project must be in digital format

Any further questions contact:

Margaret (Peggy) Livingston
Instructional Technology
7200 W. Oakland Park Boulevard
Sunrise, Florida 33351
Telephone: 754-321-0475 Fax: 754-321-0477


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Submitting a Project-Based
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