On occasion, a school or department may have special needs for a technology purchase that has either been overlooked in the Standards-setting processes or has been determined to have functional requirements, cost prohibitions, or purchasing complications that prevent its adoption as an SBBC Technology Standard. In these instances it is necessary for the school or department to pursue the purchase of this technology using the "Waiver Process".

There are three (3) main parts to a waiver request:

1. A hard copy of the Purchasing Requisition Form. To confirm if the purchase meets the District Purchasing and Technology Usage Policies, review policies #3320 and #5306 here.

2. Completed waiver request form must be signed by the principal or director.

3. Include all quotations, terms and conditions of procurement, and technical specifications of the desired product purpose. Be sure to give a detailed explanation of why the item should replace the District Standard.

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