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During the 2007 school year, Technology Infrastructure and Technology Applications & Integration assumed responsibility for the Technology Systems and Operations Program.  The training offered
as part of this program focuses on the technical support of the systems deployed throughout the Broward County School system.  The audience targeted as participants are the Technology Liaison Contacts at the sites.  In April of 2007, one-hundred and sixty-four TLCs completed a Needs Assessment.  This along with input from the Area Instructional Technology Specialists, calls into the Service Desk, and requests at TLC meetings helped determine what classes were needed.

Log on to PDSS to register and search for the Business Event numbers indicated on the Training calendar.  You can also determine what classes are being offered in the PDSS system by clicking 
on the Area of Focus search, selecting Technology, and then clicking the Search button.

View a List of Current Classes
 I & T : Technology Systems & Operations Course Catalog 2015 -2016

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