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                                                                                                          Information & Technology Department TLC Zone
The Technology Liaison Contact (TLC) Program is coordinated by Information & Technology (IT) for the purpose of providing essential and timely information to schools and district departments to effectively support technology at your site.  Principals and department heads are asked to appoint a TLC who meets the criteria below and who will be able to interact with IT in the following capacity:

1 .The TLC should be a non-instructional employee, or someone who can be released, to receive information and training by attending TLC meetings, web broadcasts and audio/video conferences during school hours. 2. The TLC should have general technical knowledge and abilities and a willingness to learn. 
The TLC will assist faculty and staff with hardware, software, networking, telephone and server issues. 3. The TLC should return from meetings and share technical information with administrators, faculty and staff and facilitate necessary training.   4. The TLC should assist with technology purchases and inventory.
There are several CAB Forums available to TLCs to post questions, share tips, tricks and best practices with each other.OS X Forum - used specifically for Apple OS X topics. Windows Forum - used specifically for Windows topics. TLC Forum - open conference for any topic. If you would like to become a member of any of these CAB Conferences, please email Brenda Markley at IT. You will be added to the conference(s) with "Contributor" access.
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Technology Roles and Responsibilities:
Please review the documents below regarding IT's new process to identify the technology roles/contacts. The new process will require each school/department to enter their contacts into SAP. Technology Contacts must be updated in SAP every time there are staff changes throughout the school year.  IT will run SAP reports on a regular basis to update administrative access where necessary.  Individual forms will no longer be used to add/remove staff.
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TLC Training Tracks

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                                                                                                       TECHNOLOGY SUPPORT CERTIFICATION PROGRAM
The Technology Support Certification Program (TSCP) will begin in October. There will be two sessions this school year. The first session will be 18 weeks and targets new TLCs. Class dates to be announced.

Topics are as folllows:  Active Directory, Apple/Windows Server Admin, CAB Client/Controller, Canon/Toshiba Network Copier, Content Engine, Customer Service,
Deploy Studio, DepotsWorks, Digital Classroom Support, Ethics, IT Standard Operating Procedures, FileMaker Remote/FileMaker Security/TWP, Ghosting, Intro/Supporting Win 7, Telephone Admin/IP Phones, LANDesk, Maintain & Troublehoot Macs/PCs, MarkVision, Networking, School Web Sites,
Site Management, Technology Standards

The second session will be 9 weeks and targets former participants from all 16 groups over the last eight years. Topics that have been previously presented, but now have newer versions will be discussed along with new and upcoming technologies. Class dates to be announced.

Topics are as follows: Active Directory, Advanced Ghosting/Ghosting with Golden Image, Collaborative Technologies, Deploy Studio, Digital Classroom Support,
Filemaker Admin/Instant Web Publishing/Security Permissions, Intro/Supporting Windows 7, IP Phone System, LANDesk v9, Open Source Software,
Server Best Practices, Site Management/Organization, Wired/Wireless Networks.

Registration information has been posted in the TLC Conference. Email Brenda Markley at IT if you have any questions.

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