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                                                               Verify ESS Information For Remedy Tickets

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The IT Service Desk is continuously striving to improve customer service, and we are using the “Remedy” software system to track all user issues. All calls and email to the IT Service Desk will be recorded in Remedy. Please help us help you to identify the issue and the location. When you call the IT Service Desk, we will ask to verify your name and the location where the incident occurs.

This information is used when technical assistance is required on site. There is also a security concern for us to identify to whom we are speaking. Since some techs cover multiple locations, we simply need to verify. Every call will be recorded in Remedy, so the Service Desk will give you an “incident number” which you can reference if the issue reoccurs.

If the Service Desk cannot resolve the issue for you, we will ask you for specific details so that the issue can be escalated and resolved as expeditiously as possible. When an incident is escalated, you will receive an email from “Remedy” with the incident number in the subject line. If you have additional information to add that will help to troubleshoot the problem, you can REPLY to the remedy email. This saves you the time of calling back to the IT Service Desk, and your information is stored by the Remedy system. We look forward to implementing additional features of Remedy in the near future.

When you call or email the IT Service Desk for a repair (printer, Dell, phone, quad jack), please clearly specify the LOCATION OF THE PROBLEM. Technicians have been dispatched to the wrong location at times because a repair was called in for a different location than the person reporting the problem, and this adds delays to your repair and others.

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Authorized SBBC staff can view the status of their Remedy tickets online by clicking on the link below (Intranet only). There is no browser plug-in required, however, the pop-up blocker should be disabled. All Technology Liaison Contacts (TLCs) who are registered in the TLC database will be authorized to access this online view. Instructions for log-on and navigation will be posted in the TLC Conference.

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