Communications: Radios
In September of 2013, Bid14-006V was awarded to Control Communications, Inc. for the purchase of UHF portable radios designed for use at school and administrative sites.There is one model of Motorola portable radios available, which is the XPR3300. The Purchasing Department has established a SAP number (6004980) for this item. If you have any questions regarding the purchase of this equipment you may contact Ed Kessler at 754-321-0349.

If you feel that your school needs to purchase a portable radio repeater for your location, you must first contact I&T

Standard Items / 400 MHz Campus Radios
15-209E Repair and Maintenance of Rdio Comunications Equipment
14-006V  Radio Two way Portable Repeater & accessories  
Frequently Asked Questions
Motorola Website
Product Flyer - XPR3000
XPR3000 Accessories  &  XPR3000 Specifications
Radio Battery Care & Tips
Quick Reference Guide for SAP Materials
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