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                                                                                              INFORMATION & TECHNOLOGY : PNI PROCESSES & PROCEDURES


The I&T/Production Control unit assists Capital Assets with the weekly updates to the District’s Master File of Capital Assets.  In adherence to SBBC’s Business Practice Bulletin O-100 –Procedure for Property & Inventory Control, upon completion of the weekly updates, Production Control notifies schools and District offices by email with attachment listing all the locations with inventory updates.  

Although all locations are welcome to request a PNI811 download at any time, locations listed on the attachment to the weekly “Updates to PNI811 Master DB file” email should request an updated PNI811 download from Production Control.  All requests will be processed in the order in which they are received with an average turn-around for processing of 24 hours.    

Locations must use the SP10 OptiSpool login to retrieve the applicable reports detailing the additions (PNI954A), deletions (PNI954B), and changes (PNI954C) to their inventory.  These reports must be reviewed to ensure the accuracy of the changes posted to their inventory.  Any errors should be promptly reported to Capital Assets via the CAB Capital Assets Conference.  Please contact Capital Assets as well for any inventory related questions other than to request PNI811 download files, which are only provided by the i&T Production Control unit.

All locations will see another PNI811 Report in their location’s OptiSpool folder every time an update takes place—regardless of whether or not their site had inventory changes.  

For questions regarding PNI811 downloads, please contact I&T/Production Control at (754)321-0314.  Please submit your PNI811 download requests by “email” remembering to include the location number and location name.  A Remedy ticket will be created for every request received.  


Property & Inventory Support Documents

                                                                                   PNI PROCESSES & PROCEDURES SUPPORT DOCUMENTS
Business Practice Bulletin 0-100
PNI Optispool Access SP10 Users Summary
PNI Reports on OptiSpool Web
  Office Of  The Chief Auditor Website Procedures -Departments and Schools
Claims Management Link - (Risk Management Department) R


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