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Pinnacle support has been expanded to provide better services for

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schools. Schools can call
Pinnacle Help directly at 754-321-0341 or email "Vendor Excelsior" with support issues. In
addition, timely Pinnacle support is provided through multiple CAB Conferences. If school staff has
changed and someone new needs to be added to a Pinnacle CAB Conference, email "Pinnacle
Project" with the school and staff changes.
There are four Pinnacle CAB Conferences:

  • Pinnacle Electronic Gradebook" for stand-alone Pinnacle schools.
  • IT - Gradebook Project" for centralized secondary Pinnacle schools.
  • IT - Pinnacle Attendance Mgr" for centralized attendance managers.
  • Elementary GBMs” for elementary Pinnacle schools.

             Pinnacle Video Tutorials

           * Pinnacle Upgrade 2016 Quick Start

            * Pinnacle Viewer Guide

           * Pinnacle Attendance Manager Guide

           * Pinnacle Gradebook Manager Guide ELEM



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