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Requests for assistance with wired network jacks and cabling systems; requests vary from service disruption, assistance adding, moving. Network Devices, JDL
This typically refers to data services and equipment that is plugged into a wall data outlet. Please contact the Micro Computer Technician or Technology Liaison at your location first. Please report all outages to the IT service desk (754) 321-0411. Be prepared to provide your personnel employee number and pertinent details pertaining to the incident such as the contact names and telephone numbers of individuals affected, location (Building & Room Number) of equipment affected, etc. You will receive an incident report reference number and the incident will immediately be referred to a technology specialist. Network Infrastructure Modifications Memo

General information about the District's structured cabling standards,

Division 17000 of the published Design and Material Standards (Specifications) Personal Devices On The District Network
District Static IPs Personally Owned Device Guidelines
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Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)  
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Cordless phones operating on the 2.46 GHz or 5 GHz frequency band will directly interfere with the operation the District's Local Area Network infrastructure.  The user can expect to experience degraded performance from wireless laptops and desktop computing devices when near the operation of these cordless phone devices.  This includes cordless phones from adjacet classrooms.  Cordless phones operating on the 900 MHz frequency band will not interfere with the
District's Wireless Local Area Network infrastructure. IT provides every classroom with a telephone set and does not recommend or support the use of cordless phones. Cordless phones with DC power also pose a potential risk to short circuit the phone port and amage the main phonecard system.
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