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Device and User Naming Conventions Meeting Place - Audio and Data Collaboration
Device and User Naming Conventions  Participate in a MeetingPlace Event or Review a Recorded Conference
District Software Management Tool ( Link to Database) Meeting Place Instructions
Software Management Tool Accessing Recorded MeetingPlace Audio Conferences
Filemaker IT Computer Operations Websitel
  HRMS - OptiSpool
For more information, please visit the FileMaker Website. Memo Business Practice Bulletin
  Atomic Learning Video Tutorial        Atomic Learning  P&I Process
LANDesk PNI Reports in OptiSpool
LANDesk Generic SP10 User Summary
LANDesk Clients QUIA - The district will no longer purchase licenses. Schools and departments will be responsible for purchasing their own licenses.
Broward School LANDesk Website Sales Rep - Jessika Blatnik - 650-372-4077 orders@quia.com                                      DETA Participants (both teachers and administrators) receive a Quia License.
Clean Your PC SAP
LANDesk Software Distribution Link to SAP website
Windows Images LANDesk School Website Solutions ( Video and Advertising Information )
OSX Images LANDesk Project Video
Leased Equipment Naming Conventions http://advertise.browardschools.com
Leased Equipment Naming Conventions http://www.getinvolvedineducation.com/district_partners/adv.htm
  Sofware Management Tool
 LRMS Standard Items | Software
Library Media Services (formerly Instructional Resources) Sotware Management Module
Destiny STAR
Destiny System Requirements STAR WEBSITE
Destiny Workstation Comparison chart Talent Development Office: Software Aplications Link
Destiny Upgrade Software Applications Program
Media Circulation Computer Update - May 2011 TroubleShooting
TLC Destiny Upgrade, May 2011 Troubleshooting Netboot
Follet Technical Support Windows MISC
  Windows Utility Applications Matrix
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