BECON School Services is an authorized EPSON Service Center and will handle any and all repairs of EPSON projectors. In order to process your request, please call BECON School Services at 321-1000 and BECON will issue a work order to proceed. Whether or not your equipment is in warranty, BECON will address and resolve. Please have the equipment in the Media Center labeled and ready for pick-up.
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Please visit this site for ordering, training, repair and support info.
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If schools choose to install the equipment in the cart themselves, they need to fill out the inventory sheet (MDC Blandk), and email it to Terri Kingsley at IT. Technical Questions

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Modified Digital Classroom Cheat Sheet  
  SMART Board M600 guide
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* MimioStudio Software Download

* MimioStudio Tool Bar - Gallery Reference Card

* MimioTeach Firmware Update

* MimioTeach set up info

* MimioTeach Stylus Issues

* MimioView Extended View

* MimioView

Epson BrightLink Cheat Sheet

* RefCard_Resyncing MimioXI Teach Vote Pad …

BrightLink Cheat Sheet w EIT3 v2-5[2]

* Training Followup Info/Docs

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