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District Electric takes care of ALL battery backup problems.  The procedure is to call COMPASS at 754-321-1480 with the unit's AMP rating, model designation and manufacturer’s name.  District Electric will respond and replace battery if necessary .Metro Technical Services (MTS) no longer handles batteries.

Please call APC Technical Support at 1-800-800-4272, select Option #4, then Option #5, then Option #2. Caller will be walked through a series of easy to follow troubleshooting steps.  The defective unit needs to be plugged into a power source but not a computer or other device.  After the unit has been deemed defective by APC they will issue a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number and shipping instructions.  They also provide you with a shipping label via email so there is no charge for sending back the defective unit.  Once the defective unit is received at APC they will send the school/department a new unit.
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