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Laptop Care Lenovo Lap top Information
Apple Educator Purchase Eligibility The Content Engines are no longer used to block web sites.  The District is now using OPTENET.   OPTENET is a content filter device at IT that works with the content engines.  It is used to block unwanted content in a subnet or enterprise. 

TLCs can block sites locally by accessing OPTENET. TLCs will use the default password for the OPTENET server.  Please change your password upon logging on.  If the TLC does not know the default password, call the IT Service Desk and they will provide the default password.  If the default password does not work, TLCs should call in a Remedy ticket to get their password reset.  Once TLCs receive access, they can block sites locally just for their location.

       This link
contains the instructions for accessing OPTENET and blocking a site.
Apple Website
Computer / Printer / Install
Computer Printer Install Procedures


Mactracker application can be downloaded from the Service Desk server/OS X Volume/OS X UtilitiesFolder/

The asset tag (serial number) has to be enetered.


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