Project PROMISE        

Broward County Public Schools is the recipient of the United States Department of Education’s Transition to Teaching (TTT) grant. This five-year $2.4 million grant will be administered through the Teaching and Leadership Center (TLC) at Florida Atlantic University.

The grant initiative, entitled Project PROMISE (Partners Responding with Options furthering the Mission to Increase Success for Educators), creates a model Alternative Certification Center at the Teaching and Leadership Center that serves as a comprehensive resource for all alternative certification candidates in the District. Project PROMISE provides a coordinated plan to deliver model alternative preparation and professional certification routes through FAU’s College of Education to 375 quality mid-career professionals and recent college graduates, to teach in Broward’s high-need schools in the critical subject areas of English/language arts, mathematics, science, social science, special education, and elementary education.

Project PROMISE is designed for mid-career professionals who possess a bachelor’s degree or higher and are transitioning from a previous career to teaching, and recent college graduates who graduated with at least a bachelor’s degree within the past three years in a field other than education.

Prospective Teachers:
Prospective non-education trained individuals eligible to teach elementary education or secondary English/language arts, mathematics, science, and special education aspiring to teach in a high-need school in Broward County for a minimum of three years.

Current Teachers teaching on a Temporary Certificate:
Current teachers in a high-need Broward County public school that are non-education trained, teaching on a temporary certificate in the field of elementary education and secondary English/language arts, mathematics, science, special education, and social science.

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