Public Law 107-110 requires that school districts (Local Education Agency – LEA) that receive Title I federal funds develop a LEA Parental Involvement Plan. As well, all Title I schools are required to develop a School-Level Parental Involvement Plan whereby parents assist in the development, monitoring, and revision of all plans.

The LEA Parental Involvement Plan is made available for your review on the Title I website (http://www.broward.k12.fl.us/titleone/parent-involvement-lea-plan.asp) and at the individual school’s website. The Parental Involvement Plan is distributed at the district’s and school’s parent meetings. You may request a copy of the School-Level Parental Involvement Plan by contacting your child’s school. The LEA Parental Involvement Plan may be obtained by contacting the Title I, Migrant and Special Programs Department at (754) 321-1410.


In addition, parents should receive a copy of their child’s School-Parent Compact. This document is generally distributed during the first week of school. If you have not received a copy of the School-Parent Compact, you may notify and request a copy from your child’s school.  Once received, please sign the School-Parent Compact and return it to the school.

School-Parent Compact