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Conferencing Services provides technical support for distance-learning tools for both video-conferencing and audio-conferencing. These services include, but are not limited to: technical training (at IT and on site with reservation), installation, equipment selection (including peripherals), repair/relocation/configuration of equipment, conference scheduling, line and test calling, warranty work, recording and redistribution of content, and soon…..streaming video.

Distance Education, also known as Distance learning, is a tool used to extend the learning environment beyond the traditional boundaries of the classroom. Videoconferencing applications provide effective unique live visual communication methodologies for multiple end users in various locations in real time. Distance learning applications can also include audio conferencing and streaming video. These applications, while greatly enhancing our ability to deliver various quality content programs to our learners, also provide fast and reliable alternative communication methods for our Administrators. Administrators use these essential tools in their daily routines that assist them with making import decisions. Videoconferencing technology is available at each district location enhancing student achievement, teacher, administrative functions, and community outreach. Audio-conferencing is available on any wall phone, speaker phone, or cell phone.
Studies tend to indicate videoconferencing meetings are shorter than in-person meetings, are more effective, and with minimal workflow disruption leading to less wasted time. One study indicated “as much as 93% of communication between people is determined by non-verbal cues such as tone of voice and body language.”

District administrators use these collaborative communication tools to assist them in responding quickly to their customer demands, solve issues, and react in timely manner. Additionally, conferencing is a necessary way to cut costs, increase productivity; integrate a Green Technology and are now a necessary tool incorporated into the district’s culture of communication.

Research conducted by Wainhouse Research and others shows that the soft benefits that accrue from the use of electronic meeting tools. For example, how does one factor executive stress reduction into a spreadsheet formula, or assign a dollar value to the ability to attend a child’s soccer game instead of being on an airplane? And, if the new program project management team finishes three weeks ahead of schedule, what percent of this success can be attributed to the use of electronic meeting tools instead of a lucky break, a smarter software engineer, or a vendor who overcame a key delivery obstacle? Soft benefits may be hard to quantify, but they are no less real than hard benefits.

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