Supplier Diversity Outreach Program

Current Vendor Lists

The following Small/Minority/Women Business Enterprise (S/M/WBE) Vendor Lists display businesses currently certified by The School Board of Broward County, Florida (SBBC):


The S/M/WBE Vendor Lists consist of business enterprises certified by SBBC. This list is to be used by district offices and schools for procurement purposes. In addition, it is to be used by prospective bidders/proposers when intending to respond to SBBC solicitations containing S/M/WBE competitive solicitation preferences. Please note that this listing may not be a complete listing for each type of business, as updates to the database are made daily. These listings are not a certification or representation of the S/M/WBE qualifications. Lastly, the District does not accept any liability for any loss or damage caused by any of the companies listed herein