Procurement Services

Procurement Services

The Procurement Services area is committed to procuring day to day goods and services for our schools and administrative departments. Our staff is dedicated to providing the highest standards of service in a cost-effective manner while maintaining a safe, secure and comfortable environment that is conducive to teaching and learning. 

Our mission is to provide responsive, responsible and efficient procurement services to the District while maintaining the highest level of professional ethics and integrity. We achieve our mission by dedication to excellence in customer service, providing avenues of access to businesses pursuing the best value identifying new sources of supply encouraging competition, developing and maintaining positive relationships with vendors and complying with all laws of the State of Florida and all School Board Policies and Procedures.

Our staff welcomes you to access the various documents and navigational aids provided throughout this site. If you have any questions regarding the documents, contracts, or other construction-related items, please contact our office.

The following is a list of standard policies and standard documents utilized by Broward County Public Schools:

Procurement Services adheres to the “Cone of Silence”, which is a period of limitation made effective from the time of release of a solicitation and remains in effect until the contract is awarded by the School Board. Any proposer, or lobbyist for a proposer, is prohibited from having any communications (except as provided in this rule) concerning any solicitation for competitive procurements with any School Board member, the Superintendent, any Evaluation Committee Member, or any other School District employee after the Procurement & Warehousing Services Department releases a solicitation. All communications regarding the solicitation shall be directed to the designated Purchasing Agent, unless so notified by the Procurement & Warehousing Services Department. This period of limitation is enforced for solicitations issued for competitive procurements as described by School Board Policy 3320, Part II, Section GG. Any vendor or lobbyist who violates this provision shall cause their Proposal (or that of their principal) to be considered non-responsive and therefore be ineligible for award.