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The Family Counseling Program, School Board of Broward County, Florida is committed to the goal of helping students reach their maximum potential in the classroom while promoting optimal mental health and family functioning.


The Family Counseling Program has been serving the Broward County community for more than twenty-five years. The program has consistently and positively affected student academic performance, responsible behavior in school, and regular attendance through the individual, family, and group counseling services offered. In measuring the impact the counseling services, an overall average of 87% of clients served have reported that the treatment objectives set in counseling have been successfully met and was reflected in improvement in academic performance, decreases in administrative referrals, and more regular school attendance. Mental health treatment goals enhanced family functioning, parenting skills, self-esteem, and interpersonal relationships.


The Family Counseling Program has found that when someone experiences emotional difficulty they may suffer repercussions that lead to problems in their general daily functioning. For students, this is often evident in the academic arena. Frequently, school-related problems may be symptomatic of those troubles.


The family counselors address a variety of family and emotional problems in counseling, including:

  • Learning Disorders, School Phobia, ADD/ADHD

  • Hyperactivity, Study Skills, Peer Pressure

  • Parenting Skills, Self-esteem Issues, Abandonment

  • Bereavement/Loss, Separation/Divorce, Domestic Violence

  • Anger Management, Substance Abuse, Physical Abuse

  • Stress Management, Eating Disorders, Aggression

  • Communication Skills, Anxiety/Depression, Crisis Intervention

  • Economic Issues, Self-destructiveness, Bullying


Rosemary Russo, LSCW, Coordinator



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