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Take Stock In Children Overview

Take Stock in Children is a comprehensive program that helps low-income children succeed by providing college and vocational scholarships, volunteer mentors, student advocates/case managers, early intervention and long-term support, high standards, parental involvement, and community support.

Take Stock in Children is a solution to one of the most critical problems facing Florida--high dropout and high youth crime rates. Take Stock in Children has a proven record of helping low-income children graduate from high school, attend college, stay out of trouble, and become productive citizens.

Take Stock in Children is a public-private partnership of state government, businesses, school systems, social service agencies, civic and religious organizations, and private citizens that has made a measurable difference in the lives of low-income children.

Take Stock in Children programs are established in every county where they are managed by local educational, social service, and community and youth organizations.

Take Stock in Children maintained a 90% annual success rate in keeping students in school and on-track to high school graduation.  Six months after high school graduation, Take Stock in Children students were attending college at a higher rate than Florida students as a whole.

 Take Stock in Children Broward County

520 children and over 600 volunteer mentors are presently involved in the TSIC program in Broward County.  Over 200 school board employees volunteer as mentors in our program, including Superintendent Frank Till.  These caring volunteer mentors spend a minimum of 30 minutes a week at a school site visiting with the Take Stock student. 

Students are selected in the 6th grade based on financial need as well as meeting certain requirements of the TSIC program - maintaining a 2.0 GPA, staying drug and crime-free, attending school on a regular basis and exhibiting good behavior.  If they follow the regulations of the program and meet regularly with the mentors, upon graduation from high school, Take Stock provides them with a 2+2 scholarship (two years community college followed by two years state university). 

Locally, Take Stock has a Leadership Council comprised of business and corporate leaders who oversee the program and help to raise the funds needed for the scholarships.  Representatives on the Council include; AutoNation, JM Family Enterprises, State Farm Insurance, Citrix, Publix, Sun Sentinel, etc.

Take Stock aims to provide the student with a support network. Along with providing a volunteer mentor, Take Stock also provides case management and intervention when needed.  On going training of mentors takes place throughout the year. 

Anyone wishing to volunteer as a mentor should call (754) 321-2577.


For more information, go to www.takestockinchildren.com or e-mail:  takestock@browardschools.com

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