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The District employs two Evaluation Coordinators who support administrators in identifying, assisting and mentoring teachers who have been identified as needing assistance. Working through a Cycle of Assistance, areas of need are identified, coaches are assigned, and weekly assistance is provided. Coaches are given time during the work day to observe, model, and conference with teachers, while the teacher is also given time to observe and conference with their coaches as needed. Substitute teachers are provided in order to free up teachers to coach and be coached. Coaches can be chosen from within the home school, such as Department Chairs and Behavior Specialists, or can be chosen from external sources, such as District Specialists or private consultants.
Using the Cycle of Assistance for Struggling Teachers

When struggling teachers are identified by their administrators, a Cycle of Assistance is put into place to assure coaching and mentoring are provided. When teachers are not able to meet the standards and expectations of the District, they are given more formalized assistance in the form of a Performance Development Plan. This plan, written collaboratively between the teacher and the administrator, assures that the teacher will receive high quality assistance as well as time to remediate the deficiencies.

Ashmore Media makes available for circulation books, videos, and DVDs on such topics as Best Practices, Instructional Strategies, Qualities of Leadership and Self-Improvement. The media center is maintained as a resource to assist in the development of quality professional development.

Human Resource Development (HRD) has produced an impressive number of podcasts representing a variety of grade levels, subject areas and instructional settings. Podcasts are a powerful tool to enhance and/or influence the quality or content of professional conversations with colleagues. The teachers and students featured in the podcast are our neighbors as compared to video presentations commercially produced and distributed. The fact that the podcasts are local may influence the level of engagement.

All of HRD's podcasts can be found at:

Coaching with Podcasts T#28 features Instructional Coach Professional Development participants discussing ways to use podcasts as a coaching tool. Suggestions as a planning resource, activating prior knowledge, and effective teaching strategies are shared.

Available on HRD's website is a blog containing information, resources and Induction Best Practices shared for the Induction Team, Administrators, NESS School Liaisons, Instructional Coaches, and New Educators. Of special interest are two sections specifically designed to provide tips to new educators as well as those selected to coach a new educator.

On HRD's Induction CAB Conference are many folders with a plethora of information, resources, samples, promising practices, etc. for instructional personnel. As an example, HRD Program Facilitators are available and prepared to assist with the development of a New Educator's Support Plan at the request of an administrator. A suggested agenda is shared as well as the actual matrix for the support plan. This is an optional exercise and at the sole discretion of a an administrator. It is non-evaluative and identifies a outline for what each member of the team is expected to complete to support success. For schools with written Induction Plans, there is a section that directly asks what a school will do to support a struggling teacher. Induction Plans are designed to be site-based and unique to an individual school. Therefore, no two plans are alike; however actions are identified to support a struggling teacher.

HRD regularly offers professional development to support the coaching and mentoring of other educators. Two examples are noted below:

Clinical Educator Training for Educators is a professional development opportunity to assist colleagues in applying effective teaching and learning strategies, to improve one's own instructional and learning practice and to coach pre-service, new educators and peers. During the course, the participants will use the steps of the Continuous Improvement Cycle and Clinical Supervision Cycle, gather data using the six domains, informal observation tools and other sources, utilize clinical skills for diagnosing/interpreting professional performance and develop skills in communicating effectively with new teachers or peers about job performance.

At the end of the Coaches Professional Development course, participants will be able to identify the roles and responsibilities of an effective coach, develop a plan of professional coaching support, utilize the Continuous Improvement Process to coach an educator and identify key factors that support a coaching culture.

CHAMPs is designed to assist classroom teachers in developing (or fine tuning) a classroom management plan that overtly teaches student expectations and behaviors. This results in higher rates of student achievement and a reduction in the frequency and/or intensity of misbehavior. In addition, implementing CHAMPs effectively changes a school’s climate to safe and welcoming.

The Broward Guild of Teachers is comprised of veteran teachers who serve as mentors to any teacher identified with a need for improvement. The purpose of this program is to provide less experienced teachers in Broward County support in their teaching careers. It supplements the NESS support offered during their first year of teaching and gives new educators the opportunity to interact with an accomplished educator. (Supporting documentation attached)

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