Stranahan High School is a fully accredited, public urban high school in Broward County, Florida. Stranahan has a proud history as the second oldest school in Fort Florida, officially opening in 1953 as an elementary school. The school was built on land donated by Ivy Cromartie Stranahan, a Fort Lauderdale pioneer and named for her late husband, Frank Stranahan. Stranahan became a fully accredited high school during 1958-1959 school year.

Stranahan High School today serves one of the more diverse urban student populations in the Broward School District. The school has undergone rapid demographic changes in the past ten years and the school's urban community has become increasingly multi-ethnic. Our student body is comprised of individuals from multiple socio-economic backgrounds. Over 800 of our students are involved in one of our two magnet programs and this constitutes almost half our school population. Many of the students come from around the county within our boundary (South of Sunrise Blvd.) and travel from cities including but not limited to Miramar, Pembroke Pines, Davie, Weston and Cooper City.

It is the primary goal of the current administration at Stranahan to provide all students with the high quality educational experiences to prepare them for the world beyond high school. The focus for school improvement and student achievement has been in the three areas: intellectual focus (raising standards for all students), personalization and school-based career learning. Stranahan utilizes High Schools that Work as its primary restructuring initiative and was awarded a Comprehensive School Reform Demonstration (CSRD) grant for $150,000 to help implement the High Schools that Work program. A $500,000 South Florida Annenberg Challenge Grant was awarded to implement the Academy initiative.

Approximately 1900 students are currently enrolled at Stranhan High School. The racial/ethnic breakdown of student population is reflective of the school's rich cultural diversity.



In order to personalize your high school education we have designed the curriculum around broad areas of interest grouping courses into Learning Communities. Tenth grade students will select a learning community that will offer them the opportunity to explore career interest areas through selected electives.

Once students have selected a learning community you will be expected to complete the courses associated with that community. They will be a member of the selected community throughout grades 10-12.

Completion of course work will prepare you to pursue your career pathway at the post-secondary level. Course selection is an important process for all students, and all decisions should be made only after careful consideration of student’s interest, based on plans for future academic and career goals.

Following is a list of the four houses and the majors available for students to pursue:

9th Grade Academy: CREST: Community of Career Exploration and Successful Transition. Click this link to see a recent copy of the CREST newsletter.

Major of Study: Engineering, Environmental Sciences and Applied Technology. Click this link to see a recent copy of the SCI-TECH newsletter.

Coursework include: Engineering Technology I-VI, Automotive Technology I-XI, Agricultural Science, Introduction to Horticulture, Horticulture Science, Landscaping andr Aquaculture.

Major of Study: Medicine, Health Occupations, Sports and Wellness. Click this link to see a recent copy of the Health Pavilion newsletter.

Coursework include: Medical Research III-VI, Health Science I-II, Medical Skills, Anatomy, Allied Health Assistant III, Comprehensive Fitnesss/Fitness Lifestyle, Team Sports II/Recreational Activites, Sports Officiating/Care and Prevention of Sports Injuries, Health Occupatons Directed Study, and Executive Internship.

Major of Study: Art, Media, Music, Theatre, Communications, Languages. Click this link to see a recent copy of the STUDIO newsletter.

Coursework include: Unified Arts, Art 2DII/Art 3DII, Fabric and Fiber, AP Art, Electronic Music I-III, Spanish I-IV, AP Spanish, French I-IV, AP French, Journalsim I-III, Acting I-II, Stagecraft I-II, Comprehensive Theatre I, TV Production I-III and Executive Internship.

Major of Study: Business, Technology, Leadership and Human Services. Click this link to see the DOWNTOWN Academy Webpage.

Coursework include: Leadership Education I-III, Exploring Teaching I-II, Introduction to Education, Child Care I-IV, Peer Counseling I-IV, AP Psychologoy, Culinary Operations I-IV, Accounting Applications I-III, Accounting Operations Internship, Customers Service I-II, Customer Service Internship, Medical Office Technolgy I-II, Medical Office Technology Internship, Web Design I-III, Web Design Internship, Digital Design I-III, Digital Design Internship.

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