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2015 Annual Customer Survey Results

Twenty-First Annual Customer Survey
( Annual Survey Snapshot, Parent Results, Teacher Results, Non-Instructional Staff Results, Student Results )
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Recent Releases
Document Link Advanced Placement Results, 2014-15 Through 2016-17 Brief #184 Released 9/20/2017 with Snapshot and Appendices A, B, and C
Document Link 2016 and 2017 SAT School Day Brief #182 Released 8/21/2017 with Snapshot and Appendices
Document Link Florida School Grades, Based on 2016-17 Assessment Data [Memo] Released 6/28/2017 with Appendix
Document Link 2016-17 State Assessment Results [Memo] Released 6/9/2017 with Appendix
Document Link 2016-17 Florida Standards Assessment (FSA) English Language Arts (ELA) Third Grade Results [Memo] Released 5/19/2017 with Appendix
Document Link Florida School Grades, Based on 2015-16 Assessment Data [Memo] Released 7/8/2016 Revised 3/28/2017 with Appendices
Document Link Advanced Placement Program Enrollment And Results, 2013-14 Through 2015-16 Brief #181 Released 3/30/2017 with Appendix A, Appendix B, and Appendix C
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