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2014 Civics EOC Scaling [Memo] Released 7/18/2014
Preliminary Summary of 2013-14 Elementary and Middle School Grades [Memo] with Data Released 7/15/2014
Summary of 2013-14 Algebra 1, Biology 1, Civics, Geometry, and US History End Of Course (EOC) Examination Results [Memo] Attachment Released 6/17/2014
2013-14 Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test 2.0 (FCAT 2.0) Grades 4-10 Assessment Results [Memo] Released 6/6/2014
(BCPS) Data Snapshot, Incidents and Suspensions, 2012-13, Incidents and Suspensions in Broward County Public Schools, 2010-11 through 2012-13 [Brief #162] Appendices (Excel) Released 6/2/2014
Summary of 2013-14 Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test 2.0 (FCAT 2.0) Grade 3 Assessment Results [Memo] Released 5/23/2014
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