Administrative Sites

About Administrative Sites

Responsibilities for Administrative Sites include but are not limited to the following: Access District administrative facilities to ascertain occupancy of said spaces by District departments.  When applicable generate color coded floor layouts of said spaces to visually depict occupancy of said space by various departments.  Also, generate relevant data such as number of departmental staff, vacancy, staff names, office/cubicle square footage, etc.

Implement the District’s administrative space planning process towards the goal of ensuring the efficient utilization of floor spaces in District administrative facilities. Specifically, review application form filled by divisions/departments requesting to locate/relocate into administrative offices/cubicles and reconfigure existing offices/cubicles and spaces. Based on analysis of subject/related spaces including potential cost impacts, network communication, and potential reconfiguration of subject space for final approval or denial of submitted application by the Chief Portfolio Officer. 

Generate, provide, update, and maintain data regarding occupancy of administrative spaces by District departments. 

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