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Apprenticeship Program

Steve Deery
Steve Deery
Apprenticeship Program Coordinator

Mission Statement

The mission of the Physical Plant Operations Apprentice program is to develop competent and committed journey persons to maintain our schools in the most timely, responsive, professional, and cost effective manner.

Overview of Apprenticeship Program

Our apprenticeship training is a method of training persons who are employed full-time by The School Board of Broward county utilizing a combination of on-the-job skill development supervised by a journey person worker and classroom related instruction. Our apprentice training programs operate in accordance with state and federal laws and rules promulgated through the Florida Department of Education and governed by Florida Statutes Chapter 446. Apprentices must be registered with the Florida Department of Education pursuant to prescribed standards. In those instances when federal agencies are involved, the registration will be with the Federal Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training (FBAT) pursuant to their prescribed standards. Our Joint Apprenticeship Committee (labor and management) is responsible for registering and seeking approval for apprentices through an apprenticeship sponsor program structure. Traditionally, apprenticeship training is divided into two components: related instructional and on-the-job training in accordance with U.S. Code of Federal Registry, Title 29, Subtitle A, Part 29.5 and Florida Statutes 446.092. In the public schools system, school districts and community colleges in cooperation with program sponsors have supported training. Apprenticeship training standards require that classroom instruction must be a minimum of 144 hours per year. The actual requirement varies from program to program as stipulated by the program sponsor and approved by the registration agency.