Title I Plan

School Name

Pines MS (1881)

School Year

2018 - 2019

Title I Requirements

COMPREHENSIVE NEEDS ASSESSMENT of the entire school (including the needs of migrant children) with information about the academic achievement of children in relation to the state academic content standards.
Describe the process utilized to conduct the comprehensive needs assessment for this school.

Prior year assessment data from the FSA sores, BSA scores, Achieve3000 level scores, FAIR data, and internal assessments and diagnostics test were organized with graphs, tables, and charts. Information was organized to show individual teacher, grade level, and school wide results. Individual student results were given to classroom teachers for their review.

Parents are also a vital part of the process. A parent survey is sent home each spring to gather input concerning curriculum, environment, and communication. Results from this survey are used to help write goals and objectives for the school.

Parents are invited to meet with administration to discuss student achievement results and strategies for improving scores. Suggestions are discussed v•hth staff and considered for inclusion in school wide plans.

Instruction by HIGHLY QUALIFIED TEACHERS in all core content area classes
List instructional staff and paraprofessionals that are NOT highly qualified (instructional staff only).

We do not have teachers or paraprofessionals who are not highly qualified.

Describe strategies that will be used to attract high-quality, highly qualified teachers.

Pines Middle School Administrators participate in District Job Fairs and have prospective teachers meet content area department chairs and administrators to evaluate their qualifications.


ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS - Coordination and Integration

Title I, Part A
Title I funds provide additional teachers to assist students, particularly low performing students.

Staff Development funds are used to develop a comprehensive professional training program to improve delivery of instruction through a variety of workshops designed to move teachers to mastery and improve student achievement. This year our focuses are on training teachers in the use of CANVAS as a blended learning tool, and learning stations to differentiate instruction.

Parental Involvement funds are utilized to fund monthly academic parent nights that provide parents with new skills to support student learning at home. Improving the frequency and quality of family participation and increasing family literacy are also goals of our parental involvement component. Monies are used to purchase food, supplies/materials and provide stipends for teacher presenters

Title I, Part C- Migrant
(Migrant-Title I schools have been advised if Migrant students attend their school)

Our school is aware of the community resources provided by the District for Migrant students. Collaboration with community agencies can take place to ensure that that needed services such as health and nutrition are provided. Remediation and tutoring services are available and provided as needed.

Title I, Part D
Neglected and Delinquent

Students identified as neglected and/or delinquent will be connected to a school social worker through the Student Services Department who will provide support and community resources.

Title II
(District professional development)

Teachers participate in professional development linked to improved student achievement in the Florida State Standards. The Inservice Facilitator keeps faculty abreast of District inservice offerings through MyLearningPlan

Title III

ELL students receive reading and developmental language arts instruction by a certified ESOL teacher. ESOL students are teamed with a group of teachers who have a roving support teacher assistanct. Our least fluent students travel as a group, have Spanish resources and use technology to help translate as they learn English and content.

Title X- Homeless
(Homeless- All Title I schools may complete with this statement)

Teachers and staff members are responsible for helping to identify homeless students and referring them to the Homeiess Education program offered by the district. The purpose of the Homeless Education Program is to identify homeless students, remove barriers to their education, including school enrollment, provide them with supplemental academic and counseling case management services as well as linkages to their school social worker while maintaining school as the students stable environment

Supplemental Academic Instruction (SAI)

Not Applicable.

Violence Prevention Programs

Pines Middle School implements the County Student Code of Conduct andfollows the District Discipline Matrix. Our school enforces the District's Anti-Bullying Policy and has a zero tolerancefor bullying and violence. Bullying prevention programs are supported through Youth Crime Watch, Peer Counseling/Conflict Mediation programs, guest speakers and student assemblies.

Nutrition Programs

Nutritional programs and health education are an integral part of our Unified Arts Program, specifically through the Physical Educational curriculum. In addition to free breakfast for all students, Pines Middle now offers "dinner snacks" to students who remain after school for various clubs, sports, academic camps, or other activities

Housing Programs

Not applicable

Head Start

Not applicable

Adult Education

Not applicable

Career and Technical Education

The guidance counselors and social studies teacher provide lessons and programs focusing on career and technical education. In addition, all eigth grade students will receive instruction through the Junior Achievement Program. High School credit CTE classes are offered to students whose needs are more advanced. Stem classes also expose students to coding through lessons within the classroom.

Job Training

Not applicable


Not applicable


Pre-School Transition

Pre-School Transition

Not applicable



Parent Involvement Goal:
Based on the analysis of the parent involvement data, identify and define an area in need of improvement.

Parent Involvement Goals:

The goal of Pines Middle School is to provide more academically focused Parent Nights that provide training and information regarding the following academic areas:  Science, Reading, Math and Social Studies.   All parent acativities will provide engaging activities related to the academic area and skills that can be utilized at home to help  students perform better in that area.  We will continue to improve communication with parents using cellphone, smartphone apps, and internet applications.


2017 - 2018 Level of Parent Involvement:

Indicate the number of Parents and/or Guardians who participated in parent involvement activities. [i.e., Use documentation from sign in sheets]

Total Number of Parents and/or Guardians


2018 - 2019 Expected Level of Parent Involvement:

Indicate the number of Parents and/or Guardians who are expected to participate in parent involvement activities for this year.

Total Number of Parents and/or Guardians


PARENT INVOLVEMENT ACTION PLAN ACTIVITIES (Aligned to School-Level Parent Involvement Plan)


Strategies & Activities to Increase Student Achievement

Start/End Date

Evaluation Tool

Person or Position Responsible for Coordinating/Monitoring

Amount/Funding Source

FSA Assessment Night/Curriculum Night


Teachers discuss the details of the FSA/EOC by each content area.

11/2/2018 - 11/2/2018


Vanessia Blackshire

1200.00/ Title I

Family Fun Night:  Technology at Home/Literacy/Community Resources

Parents will be provided with strategies and resources that will assist with positive feedback and communication at home and at school.

6/6/2019 - 6/6/2019

Flyers, Sign-in sheets, Feedback Forms.

Vanessia Blackshire and Department Chairs

3200.00/ Title I

Florida Standards and Benchmark Conferencing

Teachers will conduct team conferences to discuss assessment results, expectations, and goals for improving achievements.

5/30/2019 - 5/30/2019

Conference sheets progress reports, grade sheets, Achieve3000 and iReady Reports

Guidance Counselors and Teachers


Parents will be invited to use smartphone and table apps along with computer programs to increase the frequency and quality of both one-way and two-way communications between home and school.

Parents will be better informed about school and class requirements and will have more direct access to this infomation.  Additionally, parents will be able to get answers to questions that will help their child learn both at home and at school.

6/6/2019 - 6/6/2019

Parent Survey

Title I Liaison



Professional Development/ELO Activities

Provide detailed information to support activities such as teacher salaries, stipends, materials and supplies

Funding Source

*Entire Title I Professional Development allocation must be reflected here

Part 1

                       Pines Saturday Success Camp                        

Parent Professional
Dec. 2, 2018                                                     
Understanding Pinnacle                                                        

Nov. 4, 2018                                                       
Exploring Naviance

Nov. 18, 2018                                                   
Using Comprehensive Reading Strategies

Dec. 2, 2018                                 
Using and Understanding iReady

Dec. 7, 2018                                                     
FSA Testing and Preparation

Dec. 14, 2017                                                     
Parential  Involvement

Part I --This area shows the Parential Development Trainings we have provided for our parents. Each session is designed to provide useful information and allow the parent an opportunity to explore the section. Additionally, questions are answered, and instructional resources are available so that parent can provide extra support at home.

Title I


Part II

CALENDAR 201-2019

LAFS 2.5 Identify Text Features and kanalyze the purpose for their placement in ithe text.

LAFS.6-8.W.1.1 (a-e)

Write arguments to support claims with clear reasons and relevant evidence.
LAFS.6-8.W.2 (a-D-Write informative/explanatory texts to examine la topic and convey ideas,concepts, and \information through the selection, organization, and analysis of relevant content.
LAFS 2.4 Determine the meaning of words and phrases.

LAFS. RL/R1.1.1-Citing Text Evidence
LAFS.RL/R1.1.2 -Determine the Central Idea
LAFS RL/RI.1.3-Idenitfy how elements of a story shape the plot/ Analyze the linteration between ideas
LAFS. RL/RI. 2.4-Determine the meaning of words and phrase
LAFS.RL/R1.2.5-Analyze the structure an Author uses to organize text
LAFS RL/R1.2.6- Anyalyze how an author develops and contracts points
L.AFS RL/RI.4.10- By the end of the year read and comprehend literature and nonfiction with scaffolding

LAFS.6-8.W.2 (a-D-Write informative/explanatory texts to examine topic and convey ideas, concepts, and *information through the selection, iorganization, and analysis of relevant

LAFS. RL/R1.1.1-Citing Text Evidence
LAFS.RL/R1.1.2 -Determine the Central Idea
LAFS RL/R1.1.3-1denitfy how elements of a Story shape the plot/ Anaylze interaction between individual events and ideas
LAFS. RL/RI. 2.4-Determine the meaning of words and phrases
LAFS.RL/R1.2.5-Ana1yze the structure and Author uses to organizes ia text
LAFS RL/R1.2.6-Anya1yze how and 'author develops and contrasts points of view
LAFS.RI.3.8 Trace and evaluate an iargument
I.AFS RL/R1.4.10-By the end of the year, read comprehend literature

 LAFS.6-8.W.1.1 (a-e)-Write arguments support claims with clear reasons and irelevant evidence.

February 26th-March 1st 2019 paper based FSA Writing
FSA Reading and Math Assessment Training
[April 9th-May 4th 2018
Novel Study Training Upon completion of PSA...

Part II---This ares shows Instructional Training centered on the Standards being addressed within the classroom. Teachers are provided instructional materials, share best practices and are given instructional support by the Literacy Coach that helps to impact student growth.