Title I Plan

School Name

New River MS (0881)

School Year

2018 - 2019

Title I Requirements

COMPREHENSIVE NEEDS ASSESSMENT of the entire school (including the needs of migrant children) with information about the academic achievement of children in relation to the state academic content standards.
Describe the process utilized to conduct the comprehensive needs assessment for this school.

The Title I Parent Survey was used to identify and adjust to parental concerns about their students education. Prior year assessment data from FSA and Common Assessments were organized with graphs, tables and charts.  Information was organized to show indvidual teacher, grade level, and school wide results. Indvidual student results were reviewed with teachers, department chairs and adminstration.

Instruction by HIGHLY QUALIFIED TEACHERS in all core content area classes
List instructional staff and paraprofessionals that are NOT highly qualified (instructional staff only).

N/A. At this time we do not have any NOT highly qualified teachers.

Describe strategies that will be used to attract high-quality, highly qualified teachers.

Vacancies are filled with candidates interviewed at the recruitment fair and referred by the district's instructional staffing department. Retention of teachers is a top priority for NRMS. Teaches are cultivated and nurtured at NRMS to succeed professionally. We retained High Qualified, certified-in-field, effective teachers by using the New Educator Support System (NESS), Professional Learning Cmmunities (Literacy Coach), District Trainings (District Personnel), School Based Professional Development (Site Based Leadership Team), Teacher Incentives (Administration).


ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS - Coordination and Integration

Title I, Part A
Title I funds provide additional teachers to assist students, particularly low performing students.

Title I funds supports school efforts in ensuring that all children meet challenging academic standards by providing resources to schools with economically disadvantaged students. Tile 1 funds also provide additional teachers to assist students, particularly low performers.  Staff development funds are used to develop comprehensive teacher training programs to improve instruction delivery through a variety of workshops. 

Title I, Part C- Migrant
(Migrant-Title I schools have been advised if Migrant students attend their school)

No migrant students have been identified at NRMS this year.  If we identify a migrant student, we collaborate with community agencies will take place to ensure that needed services such as health and nutrition are provided. Remeditation and tutoring are available as needed.

Title I, Part D
Neglected and Delinquent

Title II
(District professional development)

Teachers participate in district developed workshops in Florida Standards training. Teachers also participate in any school wide professional developments offered by the school. 

Title III

ELL students receive reading and developmental language arts instruction by a certified ESOL instructor. The Multicultural department provides ESOL materials and all ELL student recevie all ESOL accommodations.

Title X- Homeless
(Homeless- All Title I schools may complete with this statement)

 students have been identified as homeless in the 2018-2019 school year. Teachers and staff members are responsible for helping identify homeless students and referring them to the Homeless Education program offered by the district. The purpose of the HEP is identify homeless students, remove barriers to their education, including school enrollment, provide them with supplemental academic and counseling case management sevice as well as linkages to their school social worker while maintaining school as the student's stable environment.

Supplemental Academic Instruction (SAI)

SAI funds are utlized to fund a before school program that include computer skills, homework assistance and enrichment activities.

Violence Prevention Programs

New River Middle School implements the Broward County Schools Code of Conduct and follows the district Discipline Matrix.  NRMS enforces the district's Antibullying policy and all staff members have completing mandated AntiBulling and Dating Violence Training Modules from the Prevention Department. NRMS has a zero tolerance policy related to bullying. Bullying prevention programs are supported through Youth Crime Watch, Peer Counseling/Conflict Mediation programs, guest speakers and student assemblies.  This year we implemented showing anti-bullying, anti-violence public service announcements on the morning announcements.  We also have initiated a program called "Sharks 360"  utilizing the "Suite 360" program which focuses on the social and emotional learning needs of our students.

Nutrition Programs

NRMS does not participate in this program currently.

Housing Programs

NRMS does not participate in this program currently.

Head Start

NRMS does not participate in this program currently.

Adult Education

NRMS does not participate in this program currently.

Career and Technical Education

NRMS does not participate in this program currently.

Job Training

NRMS does not participate in this program currently.



Pre-School Transition

Pre-School Transition

NRMS does not participate in this program currently.



Parent Involvement Goal:
Based on the analysis of the parent involvement data, identify and define an area in need of improvement.

It is our goal to provide an atmosphere where parents are able to express their views and assist in problem solving. We want parents to understand that we view them as joint policy and decision makers and plan to emphasize their roles as advocates.  An area of improvement is to establish more positive and worthwhile relationships with parents as means to best impact the academic, social, and behavioral development of the whole child.


2017 - 2018 Level of Parent Involvement:

Indicate the number of Parents and/or Guardians who participated in parent involvement activities. [i.e., Use documentation from sign in sheets]

Total Number of Parents and/or Guardians

2018 - 2019 Expected Level of Parent Involvement:

Indicate the number of Parents and/or Guardians who are expected to participate in parent involvement activities for this year.

Total Number of Parents and/or Guardians

PARENT INVOLVEMENT ACTION PLAN ACTIVITIES (Aligned to School-Level Parent Involvement Plan)

There is no Parent Involvement Actions.


There is no Professional Development Activities.