Location Use Only

Location Use Only Information

Non-Instructional Forms

PDF FOPE Clerical MOU - Outside Experience Credit (Clerical)

PDF Head Start NIS Staff Approval Request Form

PDF Non-Instructional MOU - Changing Bargaining Units (All)

PDF Non-Instructional Telephone Reference Check form (All)

Business Practice Bulletins & Guidelines

PDFBusiness Practice Bulletin - Conducting Interviews for non-instructional support positions

PDFNon-Instructional Hiring Guidelines

PDFVeterans' Preference Guidelines
Non-Instructional DOV/Onboarding Database Information

PDF Advertising, Readvertising or Recommending Another Candidate Instructions

PDF Revised Hiring Process for Schools and District Memo

PDF NIS DOV/Onboarding Database detailed instructions (New Users)

PDF NIS DOV/Onboarding Database Changes Overview 2/9/2015

PDF NIS DOV/Onboarding Flow Chart for New Hires, Re-Hires,Temporary Workers, and Temp/Sub to Permanent

PDF NIS DOV/Onboarding Flow Chart for Reassignments, Transfers, Demotions, Promotions, Return to Work, Return from Leave (revised 9/3/2015)

PDFNIS DOV/Onboarding Status Legend

Talent Acquisition & Operations - Blackboard Sessions

DOV/Onboarding Blackboard - Back To School 2016-2017 SY
Non-Instructional ESY Summer Term Information for Principals

PDFSummer Hiring Timeline and Handbook 2018
Summer Acceptance Letter 2018 (Administration Only)
Summer ESY Application (ESP's Only)
Summer Term Vacancies (Also posted on TA&O (NI) vacancy website: http://www.broward.k12.fl.us/nis/employment/support.html)

NIS DOV/Onboarding Vacancy Process

*All vacancies approved by Budget in the NIS DOV/Onboarding Database by Wednesday noon will be processed for advertising, etc for the following advertisement period.
*Vacancies for non-instructional support positions are advertised weekly for 7 business days starting on Monday through the following Tuesday of the next week.
*After an advertisement has deadlined, the hiring location may choose to interview and recommend a candidate for their position or re-advertise the position. *No recommendation shall be made prior to the deadline of the advertisement.
PDF Advertising, Readvertising or Recommending Another Candidate Instructions

Non-Instructional Staff Reappointment Information

Please adhere to the guidelines and timelines set forth for reappointment and layoff processes. Contact TA&O (NI) for any questions.
PDFNon-Instructional Reappointment Timeline & Procedures
PDF2018-2019 Guidelines for Non-Instructional Staff
PDFNon-Instructional Reappointment Timeline (Schools)
PDFNon-Instructional Reappointment Timeline (District)
PDFNon-Instructional Employment Status Memo (Pending)
PDFFOPE Clerical Lowergrade/Part-Time Request Form (Pending)