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Location Use Only Information

Non-Instructional Forms

PDF FOPE Clerical MOU - Outside Experience Credit (Clerical)

PDF Head Start NIS Staff Approval Request Form (Teacher Assts)

PDF Non-Instructional MOU - Changing Bargaining Units (All)

PDF Non-Instructional Telephone Reference Check form (All)

Business Practice Bulletins & Guidelines

PDFBusiness Practice Bulletin - Conducting Interviews for non-instructional support positions

PDFNon-Instructional Hiring Guidelines

PDFVeterans' Preference Guidelines
Non-Instructional DOV/Onboarding Database Information

PDF Advertising, Readvertising or Recommending Another Candidate Instructions

PDF Revised Hiring Process for Schools and District Memo

PDF NIS DOV/Onboarding Database detailed instructions (New Users)

PDF NIS DOV/Onboarding Database Changes Overview 2/9/2015

PDF NIS DOV/Onboarding Flow Chart for New Hires, Re-Hires,Temporary Workers, and Temp/Sub to Permanent

PDF NIS DOV/Onboarding Flow Chart for Reassignments, Transfers, Demotions, Promotions, Return to Work, Return from Leave (revised 9/3/2015)

PDFNIS DOV/Onboarding Status Legend

Talent Acquisition & Operations - Blackboard Sessions

DOV/Onboarding Blackboard - Back To School 2016-2017 SY
NIS DOV/Onboarding Vacancy Process

*All vacancies approved by Budget in the NIS DOV/Onboarding Database by Wednesday noon will be processed for advertising, etc for the following advertisement period.
*Vacancies for non-instructional support positions are advertised weekly for 7 business days starting on Monday through the following Tuesday of the next week.
*After an advertisement has deadlined, the hiring location may choose to interview and recommend a candidate for their position or re-advertise the position. *No recommendation shall be made prior to the deadline of the advertisement.
PDF Advertising, Readvertising or Recommending Another Candidate Instructions