Pinnacle Viewer

Keep in mind that although we hope to be accurate at all times, this is meant to be a tool for communication and not an absolute "etched in stone" grade or attendance report. Things can change on a daily basis.

If you called in to excuse an absence, this may not show up on the Pinnacle Viewer for up to (3) three days beyond the absence.  Please be patient and check back before becoming alarmed.

Some "School Attendance" codes are considered as "Absent" E1 (First Day Entry), FT (Field Trip), and SO (Signed Out).  Please do not be alarmed by these codes - the Pinnacle System is just reporting all attendance codes as absences.  Rest assured that the student is not actually "Absent" unless you see the Unexcused (AU) or Excused (A) Absence Code next to the date and period of the day.

To access the information, you will need:

  • The Student ID, also known as the student number.  This number is printed on the student's schedule, report card, and interim report.  This is not the student's social security number.  Please check your student's schedule to find out the correct Student ID number.
  • The Pin Code is the student's date of birth.  This will be typed as year, month, day (4 digits for year, 2 digits for month, 2 digits for day, with no spaces, slashes, dashes, or commas).  For example, if the student's birthday is March 5, 1982, it would be typed in as 19820305.
  • Make sure to choose Margate Middle School from the drop down menu.

As you access the information you will notice:

  • The student is not identified by name on the screen or reports (this is for privacy protection).
  • You can access different reports, including missing assignments and class grades.
  • Pinnacle's email notification component is not yet available.

Pinnacle Viewer