The Broward County vision for music education is based on the concept that music is an essential part of life, integral in the development of the whole person, and a vital component for the advancement of civilization. The quality of life is improved by physical, emotional, social and cognitive growth experiences through a meaningful, sequential study in music.
    A comprehensive music education engages learners in developing self-esteem, self-discipline, cooperation, creativity, and self-motivation necessary for success. The skills and technical qualities involved in creating, recreating and interpreting works in the fine arts provide for lifelong appreciation. Our vision is that Broward County students will engage in the arts at a deeply enriching level for them, their families and their communities.

Guiding Principles
Learning through music is a lifelong process; successful learners are lifelong features.
All students are entitled to music literacy which enhances their ability to learn.
Students learn music in different ways and have widely divergent needs; instructional programs and teaching strategies should accommodate diverse learning styles and needs.
Learning in music promotes the investigation of old and new ideas, critical thinking and aesthetic awareness, as well as alternative ways of knowing and understanding.
The study of music prepares people to make informed choices about works of music that in turn contribute to richer, more meaningful lives.
Music education reinforces all other curricula by connecting concepts and processes to everyday life.
The study of music fosters an environment of acceptance and understanding of cultural diversity.
Excellence in music grows from a shared commitment by teachers, parents, administration and the community.