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In early 2001, the Florida Department of Education awarded a Goals 2000 Local Education Reform Grant to the School Board of Broward County. The purpose of the project was to pilot the research-based Eight Step Instructional Process in three Broward County schools in the 2001-2002 school year. The schools — Boyd Anderson High School, Lauderhill Middle School, and Oriole Elementary School — are located in the Boyd Anderson Innovation Zone and represent a feeder pattern. These schools were selected to participate in the pilot because they had both a high number of students from low-income families and a trend of low academic achievement.

The Leadership Team from each school attended a one-day awareness training with Pat Davenport. Pat Davenport is the former director of instruction for the Brazosport Independent School District and helped precipitate the reform efforts within the district through her careful analysis of student data. She directed the implementation of the instructional process that led to the district’s exemplary status. Presently, Ms. Davenport is a consultant for American Productivity & Quality Center. The American Productivity & Quality Center’s Education Initiative helps school districts create comprehensive systems to improve student performance.

Before the 2001 – 2002 school year began, the Leadership Team met to envision how the 8-Step process would be implemented at their school during the year. Based on their vision, the team developed an action plan for implementation. Each team realized that full implementation would require more than one school year, but beginning steps were mapped out and strategies put in place to begin the effort.

The materials included on this CD and accompanying videotape are a result of the work and dedication of the staff and grant facilitators of the three schools.

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