Sick Leave Buy Back (SLBB)


The automated Sick Leave Buy Back Program (SLBB) is currently open through October 15, 2017. This program allows eligible employees with good or perfect attendance to buy back a portion of their unused sick leave. This initiative is in support of Goal #2: Continuous Improvement of the District’s Strategic Plan, School Board Policy 7014: Environmental Stewardship and to improve the overall efficiency and accuracy of these programs.  

Eligibility for the Sick Leave Buy Back program is in accordance with the collective bargaining agreement or meet and confer group.

Eligible employees may submit their request to buy back their sick leave via Employee Self Service.

Sick leave days are paid at 80 percent of the employee’s hourly rate as of June 30th of the previous fiscal (school) year, minus applicable taxes.

PDF View Our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

PDF Inactive/Separated Employees SLBB Form

PDF Instructions for Employee Self Service (ESS) - Sick Leave Buy Back


For eligibility requirements, please select the Sick Leave Buy Back Matrix below, which provides additional information regarding employee bargaining units and meet and confer groups.

PDF Sick Leave Buy Back Matrix
PDF Broward Principals & Assistant Association District Administrators (BPAA)
PDF Clerical (FOPE)
PDF Confidential (COPA)
PDF Education Support Professionals (BTU-ESP)
Education Support & Management Association of Broward, Inc. (BTU-ESMAB)

PDF Food Service (FOPE)
PDF Maintenance, Facilities, Transportation, Security Specialist
     and Campus Monitors (FOPE)

PDF Police Benevolent Association (PBA)
PDF Teachers/Instructional (BTU-EP)
PDF Technical Support Professionals (BTU-TSP)