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Professional Development for Administrators

Intern principal

Professional development for aspiring and veteran administrators, both school-based and district-based, is coordinated by the Leadership and Non-Instructional Development Unit of the Human Resource Development. Our focus is to provide rigorous and relevant leadership programs across the leadership continuum so that Broward County Public Schools produces a cadre of leaders ready and able to take on the leadership challenges inherent to our schools.

Intern Principal Monthly Meeting: Suzanne Keneth, Pines Middle; Horace Hamm, Lyons Creek Middle; Bill Deklavon, Seminole Middle; and Cheryl Rubin, Plantation Middle.

Programs include:








Sherry A. Rose, Director, Leadership and Non-Instructional Development and Colleen Gulla, Executive Director, Elite Management Corporation, have established a partnership whereby assistance will be provided for the purpose of training and developing leadership skills for administrative and non-instructional personnel.  We embrace our partnership!


Sherry A. Rose, Director,
Leadership and Non-Instructional

Alex Macri, Coordinator

Ruth James
Paula Jostad
Madelyn Steffen
Gary Corbitt
Lisa Johnson
Terrance Johnson
Marci Lindemann
Mary Kay Wilson

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